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  1. During install, I get a warning message that Jet "will now compile Java 2 platform class files, and that it will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour". I cancelled because I want to know exactly what it does (I don't want it to tamper with my carefully tuned j2sdk1.4.0, on which I have many programs running). So if you could clarify, please... Next question : what happens with the extensions ?(such as Java 3D which is not supported I presume, but I also have a bundle of XML parsers, JavaMail 1.3, and JNDI updates) What does the installer do about these ? Any comments most welcome
  2. Many thanks. I had begun to look at the "Optional java Packages" supported in the meantime. Ok, so now I will resume my install with complete peace of mind One thing though, perhaps you should state the Specs versions supported on the "Optional Java Packages" page.