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  1. aequitas

    Time change from PST to GMT

    Thanks for your reply!! aeq
  2. Hello, Our application uses Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8:00) time when run as a Java application but uses the GMT time zone when JET compiled. Anyone seen this before? Maybe something I have to force in my Java code? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Aeq
  3. aequitas


    Hello, I am having problem using jc to produce a stand-alone executable using the SSLServerSocket. I have a simple SSL client-server program written in jdk1.4 that uses a trustStore and keyStore. I get the error: E:\SSLTest\run1>SSLSend Recieved exception : java.net.SocketException: Default SSL context init failed: Algorithm SunX509 not available Fatal Error: JNI methodID = 0 (maybe incomplete .usg file) #RTS: unhandled exception #9301: TRAP(9301) The .class program runs fine, but the jc complied app doesn't. I've tried to add the Sun security jars as resources. The full Java sdk is on the Jet machine so there are local copies of the java.security file and the java.policy file but I still get the error. I'm running the Pro version of Jet with their latest service pack. I have an auto-generated .usg file, so that should not be the problem. I am trying to figure out how to extend the Certificate class in Java, but I don't really think it's a Java problem. Any other guesses? Thanks, aeq
  4. aequitas

    .exe version information

    Thanks for your help. Tried the ResHack but I didn't have any resources in my executable either. aeq
  5. Is there a way to insert items such as file version, description and copyright information into a Jet Perfect created .exe file? Thanks, Aeq