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  1. TimHogan

    Deployment Problem

    I am rather surprised that there has been no response to this message. This seems like a very basic sort of problem. If I cannot deploy JET executables to other machines then they are worthless. Can anyone at least give me some ideas for trying to debug this problem?
  2. TimHogan

    Is there a JetPack command line mode?

    Thanks One more question on this subject. When I run the JetPack executable to unpack it contents, I also get a file called CRTSR314.exe. What is the purpose of this executable? What will happen if I run it?
  3. TimHogan

    Is there a JetPack command line mode?

    This does seem to work, but the resulting JetPack file runs in GUI mode. Is there an option to allow packing from the command line without the "GUI unpack" option? I would prefer not to have the GUI appear when I run the resulting JetPack file (I want all the packed files to just be extracted into the current directory).
  4. If I need to use JetPack to create deployable executables, is there a command line (non-GUI) mode for running JetPack? I would like to integrate the packaging into a build process.
  5. TimHogan

    Deployment Problem

    I have used JetPack to package my application. I choose "Include JIT" and "add JRE". When I unpack on the target system and try to run the application it fails. I am running myapp_jarch -Jc:\jet_rt If I do not add the c:\jet_rt\bin dir to my PATH I get an error window saying "Unable to locate DLL (XKRN2507.DLL)" If I add c:\jet_rt\bin to my path I get an error message saying "JET is not properly installed on your system. If you port JET-compiled executables to another machine please use JetPack...." What am I doing wrong?
  6. TimHogan

    stdout/stderr redirect

    Yes, I see messages in out (and err when exceptions occur).
  7. TimHogan

    stdout/stderr redirect

    My application is non-GUI. If I do not suppress the console window, I see stdout and stderr in the console window. If I suppress the console window, is there any way to redirect stdout/stderr to a file or files?