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  1. Is it somehow possible to set app heap limit at runtime? I know there is a swich SET JEVMPROP=jet.gc.heaplimit:some_number but I would need to change it in some start.class. The .exe should then start and set the parameter. Example: exename.exe -heap:some_number Is this possible? Thank's for any idea's. Frantik
  2. The instalation will do nothing to your develop environment. It compiles the JDK for it self, I think. Greetings Frantik
  3. I have troubles to get a PDF (with .gif image) from perfect .exe. I'm using FOP and I got following error: ... writing out PDF Warning: default mime table not found: C:\JET_projekt\FOPtest\FOPtest.exe\lib\ java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no awt in java.library.path There is no GUI in my project, so why this message? The PDF result is somehow corrupted and the .exe never finish. Any idea what to do? Thank's. Frantik
  4. I have seen in some generated .prj file (Jet 2.5) option -resourceonly+. What does it mean? I haven't found this option in documentation. Thank's in advance.
  5. I'm using JET 2.1 ... Is there no more support/download's/whatever available for this version of JET? Thank's Frantik
  6. Was just a question ... I would need to add jsse classes ...
  7. Is it also possible to add some .bod/.sym files to these .zip's? Thank's in advance. Frantik