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  1. Hi, I am still trying to call a Java class compliled into a dll from VBA. Is this possible directly? Do I need to make methods static? How do I specify the entry points. Or is this completely impossible until JET 3.0 is released? Cheers Ariel
  2. Ariel

    jdbc-odbc driver?

    I understand what you mean, I think But I am using the sun jdbc-odbc driver which is not added as a jar but is part of the java API class. I can't explicitly see it anywhere. so we are back at square 1 ) Thanks Ariel
  3. Ariel

    JET dll's from VBA and Excel

    Hi Again Snowman! I am very keen to see a demo of dll's that can be called from excel. I need this in the next week. If you could send me the samples as soon as you have them and it looks like they're appropriate for what I am doing (which is basically writing some financial mathematical packages which need to be invoked from Excel), then I'll be buying JET standard straight away. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know as soon as you can. Cheers Ariel
  4. Ariel

    jdbc-odbc driver?

    Hi Snowman! Thanks for that. However in the list of classes I couldn't see the java sdk classes. Only the ones I added. So I don't know where to do what you suggest! I am running the JET 2.5 trial Cheers Ariel
  5. Hi again!, I want to compile a Java class into a dll and then deploy it so it is callable from a VBA macro in Excel. Has anyone done this and if so, are there any special tricks to it? Cheers Ariel
  6. Ariel

    jdbc-odbc driver?

    Hi, I've got ?an application which uses the jdbc-odbc bridge. When I compile the app with JET it isn't able to access the driver. How do I fix this. Cheers Ariel
  7. Hi There, I installed the Jetpack full evaluation. During the compillation process someone shut down my computer. Now after unninstalling and re-installing several times (with the associated 90min compilation) it can't get JET to run. The personal version did run before. When I start JET is says that it wasn't installed properly. Heeelp! Ariel