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  1. mavr

    get handle of a window

    Creating a windows is very complex task, and it is impossible to do it with xFunction. The possible (but still complex) way is to find a handle of AWT window of the Java application. For example, ome may search for a window with a specified title (FindWindow(NULL, title)), or enumerate all windows in the system (EnumWindows). Please refer to MSDN library for details of using these functions.
  2. mavr

    More examples?

    No, only the samples located in 'samples' folder. And they are intended to illustrate xFunction API, not Windows API
  3. I think no. Have no idea how to export 'new' and class constructor from DLL.
  4. mavr

    JET 3.6, SWT and AWT

    Then probably XAWT component is used from somewhere else. To find the exact class that imports this DLL, you may look for its name in the body of .obj files (an easy task with FAR ). You may contact us at java@excelsior-usa.com for further help. The only way to manage adding of required DLLs is modification of the compilation set. In case if some small part of XAWT is really needed, while the rest is useless, it is recommended to use PERFECT compilation mode (although it is much harder and error-prone)
  5. mavr

    JET 3.6, SWT and AWT

    As far as I can remember, there is something like SWT-AWT bridge classes, that should be removed from the compilation set. Please refer to the article HOWTO: Compile and deploy an SWT-based Java application for details.
  6. Hmm, that's strange. Is the 'working directory' in trial run properties the same?
  7. mavr

    Need help, at my wits end on this

    DLLs are not resources, so they can not be jared and bound to the executable. You have 2 options how to force your executable to find these DLLs 1) As you have done, copy the DLLs to the application directory 2) Leave them in any directory and add that directory to %PATH% variable - either in run.bat file or globally to the system during the installation (using custom callback DLLs in case of Excelsior Installer).
  8. The error means that some of JMF DLLs are not found. Probably in normal runs these DLLs are found via PATH environment variable. As trial run mimics the behaviour on the target machine where JMF may be not installed, the PATH for it is empty. So, you have to copy the used DLLs from <jmf>/lib to the folder where the executable is located.
  9. JRE-less operation mode is available only for Java 1.3 and 1.4, but not 1.5.
  10. mavr

    Runtime Loading And Resources

    Binding resources to such DLLs won't work (all bound resources are listed during the runtime initialization). As I said before, please bind all resources to the executable.
  11. mavr

    Runtime Loading And Resources

    The resources should be bound to the executable, not to DLL. BTW, what do you mean by "runtime loaded dll's"? Do you use class-to-dll mapping or what?
  12. mavr

    error in apply mp2 patch !!

    We had another similar report some time before, but the reason of the problem is not found yet. At this time you should use the workaround described below. The MP2 is already installed after the first error message (but not applied). To apply it, one should directly use jetsetup program. Due to the error, additional option -ignore-jetini should be used with jetsetup. 1) Execute "jetsetup -ignore-jetini -show-profiles" 2) Choose one of displayed profiles (let it be profile 0) and run "jetsetup -ignore-jetini -repair-profile 0" 3) If there is no installed profiles yet, or you wish to create a new one, use command "jetsetup -ignore-jetini -jre /usr/java/j2sdk1.5.0_03"
  13. mavr

    How can I pass 6 Arguments in xFuntion ?

    Pass them in an array of Arguments.
  14. Things will change in forthcoming JET 4.0. Stay tuned! Subscribe to announcements
  15. Due to the Sun license, partial redistribution of JRE is prohibited