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  1. mavr

    AWT SWING, JMF, Executable

    Unfortunately, no. Since your program uses AWT, the resulting executable can be run only on computers with JRE installed.
  2. The JET3.0 release is planned to this autumn. Can't say more precisely.
  3. Each new version of JDK requires special support in the JET. Therefore, each version of JET can be used only with some versions of JDK. The last versions supported by JET 2.51 are JDK 1.4.0_01 and 1.3.1_03. All following JDK versions will be supported in JET3.0
  4. mavr

    JET dll's from VBA and Excel

  5. mavr

    JET Eval 2.51 and JDK1.3.1_04

    Unfortunately, that plans have been changed. The JDK 1.3.1_04, as well as 1.4.1, will be supported in JET 3.0, which will be available this autumn.
  6. Unfortunately, this is completely impossible in the current version of JET. We've prepared an example, but it requires some changes in runtime environment DLLs to work. JET 3.0 will have full support for such calls, and we will provide full-fledged example of calling Java from VBA.
  7. mavr

    images, gif

    Could you create a small example demonstrating your problem and send it to the support@excelsior-usa.com ? (you may also use the form at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsupportform1.html). One of possible cause of trouble I can imagine is that the required image is all the same not found, but the corresponding exception is processed and cleared by your application.
  8. mavr

    Where can I find JET PACK ?

    No, Personal Edition is intended to compile application that will run only on your computer. So, it does not contain JetPack. You should buy Standard or Professional Edition to be able to deploy JET-compiled applications.
  9. mavr

    load-time and run-time dll

    Hi, Really MyDll.dll from the sample dll\forname is a load-time dll too. Moreover, JET 2.5, unlike JET 2.1, does not support run-time DLLs (one may used mixed compilation model in the Professional Edition instead). It is planned to support run-time dlls again in the next version of JET.
  10. mavr

    Help with pictures

    All resources used by the application, including images, should be binded to it. The easiest way to do it is use graphical front-end. You should just add your jar-file contianing images in the Step 4: Resources.
  11. Hi, if you use Personal Edition, you can't give anyone Jet-compiled applications. Otherwise, you may deploy your application with JetPack and send the resulting self-extracting archive to your friends. See "Deployment Automation" Chapter in the JET documentation for details. Good luck.
  12. mavr

    JNI problem -- Please help!!!

    First of all, there are lot of examples of native code, including C++ dlls, that works fine with JET-compiled applications. There were some similar problems before, but all of them because of JNI misuses. xFunction is intended to be use for getting access to the libraries written without support for JNI. It can be considered as easy-of-use JNI wrapper. So, it really may help your problem. But, in my opinion, it is better to solve the problem "honestly" . I mean finding the misuse of the JNI or bug in the JET. Also please note, that if there are great amount of native calls, using xFunction may somewhat reduce the performance.
  13. mavr

    JNI problem -- Please help!!!

    Hi, Please check that your native methods are written in accordance with the JNI specification, for example they have JNICALL specifier. There were some examples of incorrectly written native methods that worked fine with the Sun Java VMs. If all correct, please submit the bug report to the java@excelsior-usa.com
  14. You're right, it is really a problem. Currently, there is only one addition. Honestly, there are several obfuscators that produce classes that cause JET to fail. It seems that you have using one of them. But, there are also some good obfuscators that produce class files with NOT only class and method names changed, and with class files are compilable by JET. For instance, you can try to use DashoPro obfuscator.
  15. mavr

    classpath problem

    Such situation can occur if there was explicit setting of the java.class.path in the project file, for example -jetvmprop=-Djava.class.path:my_classpath In this case current %classpath% is really ignored during the execution of the application. So, you should check your .prj file.
  16. mavr

    What does it mean -resorceonly+?

    This option is to be generated only by the graphical front-end. We do not recommend to use it manually. In a few words, -resourceonly+ tells project system that all following (up to !pop) !module and !batch directives indicate only resource storages, but not classes to be compiled.
  17. mavr

    Pesonal Ed and JDK 1.4.0_01

    Each version of the Excelsior JET supports only restricted number of the JDKs. Each time the newest version of the Sun JDK appeared, the JET should be updated. So, you may either use the JDK1.4.0 instead of the JDK1.4.0_01, or wait for the updated version of the JET (it is planned to be available in a few days).
  18. Am I right that this code line is inside the class initializer? In this case it really may be the resource access problem. Otherwise, we need more information to say anything about it, so please send an example along with the full description of your problem to java@excelsior-usa.com. As for resource access problem, such problems usually can be solved by setting of the CLASSPATH variable in the batch file executing your application. All jars or directories containing required resources should be listed in this CLASSPATH. You also can make it automatically with the help of the JET graphical front-end (see page 4 "Include resources").
  19. It seems the problem is inaccessibility of some images under Win95. You may compare PATH ?environment variables on your Win95 and Win98, maybe the required image can't be found in Win95. Other things to compare is CLASSPATH used to run your application on both systems. If they are equal, please submit it as a bug to the support@excelsior-usa.com (we recommend to use the form at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsupportform1.html). However, in any case, the PC should not hang!
  20. mavr

    xFunction.dll crashes JAVA

    Your code should look like this: xFunction f = new xFunction("sndFingerPrint", "char* _enroll@12(char*, int*, int*)"); Argument arg1=Argument.create("char*", ThumbPic.toCharArray()); Pointer arg2=Pointer.create("int* "); Pointer arg3=Pointer.create("int* "); Pointer myBitmapPtr =(Pointer) f.invoke(arg1, arg2, arg3); mySize = ((Integer)arg2.deref()).intValue(); myQuality = ((Integer)arg3.deref()).intValue(); try { char[] myBitmap = myBitmapPtr.createArray(mySize); } catch(NullDereferenceException e) { // NULL returned } The only question is how can C-function enroll determine the size of its input array. Maybe size is both input and output parameter? In this case arg2 should be created appropriately.
  21. mavr

    Compiler error - Out of memory

    Have you tried graphical front-end? It propose some useful hints when the compilation failed with OutOfMemory. Don't you forget to close other applications before compilation? Finally, you may manually patch your prj file to set compilerheap equation to exact value. If ADAPTIVE mode (zero value) fails, try, for instance, 100M. (Bigger values allow you to compile bigger applications, but may cause lot of swapping, if the amount of free phisycal memory is not enough). Good luck!