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  1. mavr

    no xFunction in java.library.path

    You should run java with the proper "-Djava.library.path= ... " option, where the path contains xFunction.dll (or libXFunction.so for Linuix). Use provided samples for details.
  2. mavr

    How can I use a Boolean like parameter ?

    You can safely use 'int' instead of bool. Value 0 means FALSE, non-zero values mean TRUE
  3. mavr

    JetPerfect dll and Delphi

    I got exactly the same error before changing the JvmModuleName value. Please verify that you changed it correctly and have recompiled test.pas (with command "dcc32 /cc test.pas"). Recompilation of the DLL itself is not required. The code in JNI.pas should look like const {$IFDEF WIN32} {$IFDEF JDK1_1} JvmModuleName = 'javai.dll'; {$ELSE} {$IFDEF JETRT} // correct this declaration to the respective name of DLL from JET/BIN JvmModuleName = 'dllClass.dll'; {$ELSE} JvmModuleName = 'jvm.dll'; {$ENDIF} {$ENDIF} {$ENDIF} {$IFDEF LINUX} JvmModuleName = 'libjvm.so'; {$ENDIF} If the problem persists, please contact us at java@excelsior-usa.com
  4. mavr

    3rd Party Packages

    Of course you may compile them into DLL, but it is more easy to compile these jars and your program into the single executable. It makes sense to use EXE+DLL model if there are several executables using the large common part. The precopiled jars of course can be removed from JRE. Actually, from the whole JRE only some native DLLs are used, the rest (rt.jar etc.) is distributed only because of the licensing issues. As all extensions are not obligatory part of the JRE, they (jars) may be removed. Currently there is no way to bind native DLLs into the executable. I recommend placing them into the package near the executable - in this case no PATH modifications are required.
  5. mavr

    JetPerfect dll and Delphi

    You should change the value of the variable 'JvmModuleName' from "xkrn<ver>" to "dllClass.dll" (in JNI.pas) and recompile 'test.pas' to get it work.
  6. mavr

    JRE-LESS  & jdbc-odbc

    Unfortunately, jdbc-odbc bridge used in the application does not allow the JRE-less operation. JET 3.7 Evaluation is functionally analogous to Professional edition.
  7. mavr

    Generics support

    javac from 1.5 does not support compilation to 1.4 format unless '-source 1.4' option is specified. But, with this option it rejects generics. So, I see no way how to do it.
  8. mavr

    3rd Party Packages

    Generally, the jars of these libraries shall be added into teh compilation set. Note that the JET Control Panel adds the whole contents of lib/ext into the compilation set on creation of the new project. If the packages contain DLLs, than either the PATH environment variable should be set accordingly, or these DLLs should be copied into the 'current' directory. If the packages contain property files or other resources, these resources should be included into CLASSPATH (or placed into the current folder, or zipped into jar and bound to the executable). Also please note, that if the libraries override standard Java API (not your case, as the jars should reside in jre\lib\endorsed), than the new profile using those endoresed jars shall be created in JetSetup.
  9. mavr

    JetPerfect dll and Delphi

    -DDynamicUseDLL command-line switch is only for the sample attached to the article - note the conditional compilation #ifdef DynamicUseDLL ... . Both samples\Invocation\cMain and samples\Invocation\DelphiMain samples in JET 3.7 already use dynamic loading, so there is no need in additional switches. Therefore, I recommend you to use samples\Invocation\DelphiMain as a starting point.
  10. mavr

    JET and RMI

    Please contact our Support Dept. through the form at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsupportform1.html.
  11. mavr

    SCSL License in Jet 3.8???

    It will not be JRE-less in its current meaning ( The deployment package will not contain Sun's JRE, but instead it will contain so-called Excelsior JRE in some form (e.g. full set of JET RT DLLs). So, unfortunately, the deployment size will not be decreased (at least for small and moderate-size applications). We have no strong timeline yet, but JET 4.0 release is definetely far enough. Probably about the end of the autumn.
  12. mavr

    JET and RMI

    1) Make sure that you truned JIT on 2) Empty catch clauses is not a good idea. If an exception is thrown, it is worth to print it, as it can give you usefule information about the reason of the problem
  13. Please perform tr trial run for your application in JetPackII. Does the problem persists there?
  14. Since 1.5.0_03 recent release, Update 2 shall be available in the archive of downloads: http://java.sun.com/products/archive/index.html. However, at this moment it is not available there (and therefore is completely unavailable at Sun's site). I hope Sun will fix it soon.
  15. All JRE classes are pre-compiled at the profile creation, so they CAN NOT be compiled at the application start! Probably the problem is somewhere else. Plese contact our [link=http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsupportform1.html]Support Dept.[/link].
  16. A fix for the problem is ready. We send the fix to anyone who requests it at java@excelsior-usa.com. Don't forget to specify the edition of JET you need a fix for (e.g. "JET 3.7 Eval")
  17. mavr

    How to load images.

    Is there any output in the console? Probably some exception is thrown when trying to expand the tree. JET have little debugging options, because it is designed not to develop but to deploy Java application. So, if your app works with HotSpot VM, it generally should also work with JET. One of the options is generating full stack trace (while default option is no stack trace). But, of course, it may be used only if some exception is printed to console.
  18. mavr

    Work with Visual Fortran DLL?

    I'm not familiar with fortran syntax, but it seems that DLL expects a pointer as one of the parameters (maybe 'ix' or some hidden parameter?). What does "integer*2" mean? Is it a simple return of single integer?
  19. mavr

    Something wrong, but on which side?

    DWORD is not long (64bit in Java), but int (32 bit). Change long to int, and the problem should be fixed.
  20. mavr

    Can?t load the functions

    The exception generally means that there is no function with the given name exported from DLL. In your case, the reason is that VB does not export the functions into DLL, but only COM wrappers. So, unfortunately, you cannot invoke it from xFunction by name.
  21. mavr

    What Is This ERROR

    Probably you have not chosen required locales on Page 4 "JET RT" in JetPackII, and your 2nd PC have non-English default locale.
  22. mavr

    JET DLL in Visual C++ 6.0

    Are you sure that initialization code is actually executed in your "big" (launched from GUI) application? In particular, does the call to JNI_CreateJavaVM succeeded? I propose you to try to launch the simplest invocation example (e.g. samples\Invocation\JavaHello) both from command-line and GUI. I hope this would help you to catch the difference in the behavior and solve your problem.
  23. mavr

    WinApi types and short* as an argument

    1) In you case, i'd try to use 'int* lpFunction' and 'Pointer Gx_RealInfo.lpFunction = Pointer.NULL;' code. 'Gx_RealInfo.filename' part is correct. 2) Type of 'result' variable - is shall be 'short', not 'Short'. Other code seems to be correct. Have you tried it yourself? Any problems in compile/run?
  24. mavr

    WINAPI types and xFunction ???

    C type 'long' is 32bit, so it is mapped to Java type 'int'.