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  1. mavr

    JetPackII runtime DLL inclusion

    There is one way, but is not an easy one... Consider you need to determine which class is loaded from xawt35040.dll. Do the following steps: 1) Save xawt35040.dll in some place and delete it from jet/bin 2) Copy xkrn35040.dll to xawt35040.dll (thus you will have pseudo-xawt35040 without required classes). 3) Run your app. The error message like Failed to load j2d.exe (unable to find java.awt.event.InputEvent in XAWT36040.DLL) must appear. It means that class InputEvent was tried to load from XAWT36040.DLL. 4) Don't forget to restore normal xawt36040.dll ! Hope this information would help.
  2. mavr

    Inconsistent symfile

    Project files generated by jet are only for single-component applications! Compiling a dll + exe requires manual projects, as desrcibed by documentation.
  3. You may 'bind' that resources from jar to exe, so they are accessed with no problems. It is the default behaviour for projects made by JET Control Panel.
  4. mavr

    Inconsistent symfile

    I believe that the problem is in incorrect way of creating multicomponent applications. Please refer to the description and examples in the chapter "Dynamic linking" of JET User's Guide (especially section "Multi-component applications"/"Building multi-components applications)"
  5. Personal Edition is for personal use only. You can't execute your compiled applications on any other computers.
  6. mavr

    Minor problem with .prj file

    I'm afraid that this option never actually worked in JET. It appeared in documentation by mistake. So, no way to get it work. Sorry.
  7. mavr

    Need Dll Help

    Chapter "Dynamic linking" of the JET User's Guide was completely re-written in JET 3.6. Now it contains step-by-step instructions on building multi-component applications. Check this out at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/doc/jetw.html
  8. You shall pass either 'Argument[]' or several separate 'Argument' parameters to method 'invoke'. In your example these ways are mixed: tmp is 'Argument[]', but there are 2 additional simple 'Argument' parameters. To fix, use 'f.invoke(tmp[0], arg1, arg2).
  9. mavr

    When will Version 3.6 be out?

    Next week. Probably Monday
  10. mavr

    Jar to Exe & include JRE?

    If you're using Personal Edition, you can't run your .exe on any computer other than where it was compiled. For all other editions (namely, Standard, Professional and Evaluation), use JetPackII wizard to create the package.
  11. Please refer to this Knoledge Base article for details of creating the project for applications like yours.
  12. If you have compiled your application using JET Control Panel, probably you have seen 'Compilation Set' on Page 3 (Classes). It seems that you need to mark more classes for the compilation (double-click on jar or class icon). Automatically included are only classes those are statically imported (i.e. not through Class.forName() method). I recommend you to mark to compilation the whole jar that contains class com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver. Another solution is to enable JIT (if you're using Professional or Evaluation edition)
  13. mavr

    how do I call a function in jar

    The usual way is to compile that jar. Why do you say that you can't do it? Another way is to bind that jar into executable and to left the compilation to JIT compiler, but this feature is not included into Standard Edition.
  14. mavr

    problem about perfected EXE+DLL

    Hmm, it's odd. I've checked the sample and it work fine at this side. Could you please create the following batch file in the sample folder: set jetvmprop=-Djet.report.not.found.entities ControlExample.exe , run it and send the result to java@excelsior-usa.com. In letter please also describe the problem and your PC configuration. Thanks in advance.
  15. mavr

    Uncaught exception: Out of memory

    As far as I know, "adaptive" heaplimit mean that VM allocates no more that currently free physical (not virtual!) memory, to prevent massive page swapping. If there are other applications running those use lots of physical memory, OutOfMemoryError will be thrown. As a workaround, you may try to set fixed heaplimit. It may be done even without recompilation of your application - via batch file running your application: ?SET?JETVMPROP=-Djet.gc.heaplimit:80m ? YourApp.exe Also, please report your problem to our Support Dept. Maybe our GC engineer will recommend you another solution when he returned from JavaOne conference (about July, 5th).
  16. mavr

    xFunction and JET perfect compiling ?

    Please refer to JET documentation for the instructions for using JetPerfect mode. You have to prepare the coplete usage list before compiling you app in JetPerfect mode.
  17. Not exactly, for non-JRE-less applications JRE may be also required. Probably, using audio requires some natives fom JRE. So, I recommend you to use JetPackII for preparing of installation package, and try 'internal JRE' mode.
  18. probably, JET will use such a format for transferring jars Could you please point to the JSR page that mentions 2MB download size for JRE 1.5? It's very doubtful.
  19. mavr

    Eclipse memory usage

    Do you have these numbers for a real use case of Eclipse? The memory usage of a conventional JVM right after start-up may be not quite representative as the majority of code is interpeted not yet dynamically compiled.
  20. I assume you have used JetPackII for preparing the distribution package. Have you forgot to perform the trial run? Another possible reason for such a problem may be absence of the audio source on the target machine. For example, if your application opens and plays file "c:\audio.wav" that exists on developer but not on target machine, it may be a cause of problem.
  21. mavr

    Static linking question

    Hi, Unfortunately, JET does not support making a static library.
  22. mavr

    Eclipse memory usage

    Could you please add the following lines into the EclipseCache.prj, recompile it and report us the results: %this setting prevents relocation of the compiled JIT cache by the system -imagebase=0x20020000 Thanks.
  23. Unfortunately, SMP runtime now may be installed only to Evaluation version of JET. Such decision makes sense because beta of SMP runtime can be used only for evaluation purposes. However, we're sorry for inconvenience.
  24. mavr

    Puzzling benchmark

    Thanks for report, we will investigate the example.
  25. Sure Please see http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetman4.html for procing and licensing details.