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  1. mavr

    Eclipse memory usage

    Hi, What version of JET do you use and on which platform (Windows or Linux)? Also, could you please provide the scenario on which you have measured the memory footprint?
  2. mavr

    Excelsior 3.5 GUIs hang on XP

    JET/BIN contains the GUI.EXE utility. Please, run the following commands (in command console): 1. cd <your_install_dir>/JET/BIN 2. gui - LaunchPad.exe 3. LaunchPad.exe Then send us what LaunchPad.exe printed to console Thanks for your help.
  3. mavr

    problem with example tomcat

    Glad to know you have solved the problem. But, the project available for download from the Knowledge Base article had been already updated .
  4. mavr

    Some problem with JET

    Please contact our Support Dept. at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetsupportform1.html. I had not met such problems before.
  5. mavr

    problem with example tomcat

    Please look at this Knowledge Base article, which gives step-by-step instructions for compiling Tomcat server and its applications.
  6. 1) All jetvm properties syntax is through colon, but not through equality sign. I.e., correct versions are -Djavax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory:org.apache.xerces.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl and -Djavax.xml.parsers.SAXParserFactory:org.apache.crimson.jaxp.SAXParserFactoryImpl 2) If the slowdown problem is still unresolved, please send your project to our Support Dept. at java@excelsior-usa.com.
  7. mavr

    using RMI with Excelsior

    There are no known problems in compiling applications those use RMI. The stubs generated for class files may be used for JET-compiled application as well.
  8. Hi, Thanks for report, we will get it into account. Currently, you may either manually remove the installed application from hard drive and start menu or use the trick with data unrolling - 1) set the date to a month ago, 2) uninstall the app with the usual way and 3) set the correct date back.
  9. You may need to include xerces.jar to be compiled with your application. In JET Control Panel, on page Classes include the jar into classpath and force it to compilation.
  10. mavr

    Mac OSX version in the future?

    I think no, at least in the nearest future. The reason is that Macs work on PowerPc, not on x86 processors, so there are much more work to port JET to MacOs than to Linux. However, we are open for any proposal for collaboration.
  11. mavr

    Jet Pack II evaluation copy

    No, you can't. Created applications also will expire.
  12. mavr

    event handling in Swing

    Probably there are some exception occured when you press button. To check, execute command 'gui - yourapp.exe' and then your application again. All unhandled exceptions will be shown in console.
  13. I think you can use the same .jpn project. By 'new executable' I mean that the shceme should work both for recompiled executables and for really new ones.
  14. OK, I see. Let's try another variant. If new executable to be added uses no new JET RT DLLs, than you may create new .jpn project with exactly the same location of 'JET RT' folder, choose the same options in JetPackII (i.e. jre-less, 3rd-party installer), and create the package. Then, you may copy only the new executable from the created distributive folder, omitting JET RT DLLs. But, again, the trick works until new executable does not use JET RT DLLs not already present on the target machine.
  15. mavr

    Linux port

    JETPackII is expected in next beta, but without the option to use Excelsior Installer.
  16. mavr

    Evaluation edition problems

    What location have you downloaded the evaluation version from?
  17. mavr

    Packaging problem

    Maybe it is because of Windows 2003, JET was not tested with that OS... Please contact our Support Dept. with this problem. Please include the snapshot of the contents of JET/bin folder (run the console (Start/Run.../cmd), execute the command "dir c:\jet\bin > c:\contents.txt", and attach the c:\contents.txt file. You might have to change "c:\jet\bin" in the command with the real installation path of JET)
  18. Hi, If you want your new executable to reuse the already-installed JET RT DLLs, you must create an 'update' package adding that executable. Regarding the xsrs DLL, you may force any RT DLL to be included into the package. For doing this, go to the Step 5 (JET RT) in JetPackII, select 'Show all components' checkbox, and select the checkbox corresponding the required DLL in the list appeared (XSRS in your case). However, performing trial run before packaging remains strongly recommended.
  19. mavr

    Packaging problem

    Hi, Have you changed the JET installation profiles through JET Setup? There are sevral possible reasons for such error message: 1) One compile the application with one profile (JRE 1.4.0_01), then with the use of JET Setup had switched to another profile. 2) The run-time DLLs that reside in JET/bin folder were corrupted or removed. 3) There were another JET installed before, and it was not removed before newer installation. To fix the problem, please run JET Setup application and choose "JRE 1.4.0_01" profile again. You might have to wait for rt.jar classes to be recompiled.
  20. mavr

    evaluating: manual startup of app?

    Static analyses can resolve only static links, but not dynamic ones. If some classes are loaded through the Class.forName("some_class"), that it is impossible to resolve such a link statically. BTW, You might find PERFECT mode useful. In this mode JET compiles only the classes those were indeed loaded during the trial runs. However, PERFECT mode is harder to use, so please read the docs carefully.
  21. mavr

    evaluating: manual startup of app?

    Hi, JET supports all standard Java means for accessing the resources. I.e., if your application dynamically determines the foders containing plugin resources, you might modify java.class.path property to point to that resources, and it should work. From the other hand, if you have statically pre-determined folder where user can add resources (for example, .gif images, but not the whole jars), you might add that folder into the resourcepath at the 'Step 4. Include Resources' in JET Control Panel. In this case, the folder is added into classpath automatically.
  22. mavr

    JCE and Java 1.4.2

    Yes. JET supports 'binding' of such special jars into the executable image. Please make sure that you have chosen option 'Bind with classes' for provider jars on the page 'Resources' of JET Control Panel.
  23. mavr

    step by step in converting java to exe

    Please use JET Control Panel. It is a wizard-like tool that helps to convert your Java application to native exe step by step.
  24. mavr

    Sharing compiled SWT DLL amongst EXEs

    Besides the !module directive, you need to add the 'lookup' directives that points to 'sym' and 'bod' directory of the compiled dll. Please note that it is required that DLL and EXE are compiled in different directories, in order .sym/.bod files to not overlap. So, you should add to the project something like -lookup=*.sym=dll/sym -lookup=*.bod=dll/bod !module SWTdll.dll Please refer to the "Dynamic linking" chapter of the JET User's Guide for more details. It can be found online at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/doc/jc008.html#219
  25. mavr

    Jet -> JNI -> DLL

    We have found the origin of problem, thanks to one of our customers for the sample. JOGL performs JNI misuse: Native method net.java.games.jogl.impl.platformInfo0 should return instance of JAWT_PlatformInfo interface. In fact, it returns instance of net.java.games.jogl.impl.windows.JAWT_Win32DrawingSurfaceInfo class which does not implement that interface. Hotspot does not perform interface-cast and simply ignore this fact, but Excelsior JET do. As JOGL is open-source library, one may patch return value type of net.java.games.jogl.impl.JAWT_DrawingSurfaceInfo.platformInfo0 and net.java.games.jogl.impl.JAWT_DrawingSurfaceInfo.platformInfo to JAWT_Win32DrawingSurfaceInfo, or, maybe even to java/lang/Object. This allows to get rid of JET's check. Maybe in future JET versions this issue will be avoided.