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  1. No, current version of Excelsior Installer does not allow the environment variables to be used in paths. We will put your request to the wish list for future versions.
  2. Great news! No, the message file wasn't changed.
  3. Hello, Thank you for the interest! You may find the information on this page: http://www.excelsior-usa.com/team/installer/installer-translation.html
  4. shell

    small bugs

    Thanks a lot! We'll fix the bugs in the next release. Regards, Igor
  5. shell

    add version info into .dll and .exe properties

    Hello, You can include this information into executables/DLLs using the resource script (.rc) file. 1. Create file version.rc, fill in required information. 1 VERSIONINFO FILEVERSION 4,10,0,0 PRODUCTVERSION 4,10,0,0 FILEFLAGSMASK 0x3fL FILEFLAGS 0x0L // FILEOS 0x4 is Win32, 0x40004 is Win32 NT only FILEOS 0x40004L // FILETYPE should be 0x1 for .exe and 0x2 for .dll FILETYPE 0x1L FILESUBTYPE 0x0L BEGIN BLOCK "StringFileInfo" BEGIN BLOCK "040904e4" BEGIN VALUE "CompanyName", "Company\0" VALUE "FileDescription", "Description\0" VALUE "FileVersion", "1.00\0" VALUE "InternalName", "Internal Name\0" VALUE "LegalCopyright", "Copyright\0" VALUE "OriginalFilename", "APP.EXE\0" VALUE "ProductName", "Product\0" VALUE "ProductVersion", "1.00\0" END END BLOCK "VarFileInfo" BEGIN VALUE "Translation", 0x0, 1200 END END 2. Compile version.rc. If you have Microsoft Visual C++ installed you can use the following command rc version.rc The file "version.res" should be produced. 3. Open your JET project file (.prj) in any text editor and add the following line into the end of the project: !module version.res 4. Recompile the project and the required information will be included into the executable/DLL.
  6. shell

    vista install

    To avoid the problem you should either disable User Account Control in your Windows Vista or clear file associations checkboxes in JET installer.
  7. shell

    vista install

    Thank you for the feedback, we will investigate the issue.
  8. shell

    JAI and ImageIO support not working

    We have fixed the sealing violation problem, please contact our support dept. java@excelsior-usa.com to get the update.
  9. shell

    C enumerations

    xFunction 2.17 does not support mapping of enum types. So, you should use "int" in the signature and pass value of the particular enum as integer as well. We added your request to the wish list.
  10. shell

    OutOfMemory Error

    There are properties that enables runtime to print detailed information about OutOfMemory error to console: -Djet.gc.verbose.out.of.memory -Djet.gc.fatal.out.of.memory I hope you know how to apply the changes to your project
  11. shell

    Missing Java system property in JetPackII

    Unfortunately, we failed to reproduce the misbehaviour on our side. JetPackII works. Did you install any JET 4.5 updates? Did you recompile your project after the -Djet.gc.defragment property was added to -jetvmprop list? Please try to reproduce the problem from scratch and give us detailed scenario if the problem exists.
  12. shell

    Targetting Windows from Linux?

    No, existing versions of JET do not allow cross-platform builds.
  13. shell

    linux jre compilation

    Please contact our Support Dept. at java@excelsior-usa.com with this problem. Probably, it will be necessary to send you jetsetup with several printfs inserted. BTW, in which directory did you install JET? Thanks.
  14. Hi, You should treat this message as "Failed to load libioini360.so". Please check once again that the JET\lib\x86\shared is your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Thanks.
  15. shell

    Jet3.15MP3 won't open

    Hi, This is a known problem. Please contact our Support (java@excelsior-usa.com) to get a fix. Regards, shell