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  1. Cain

    dll problems

    Hi, This happened because java application compiled by Jet requires some number of runtime libraries and ".ini"-file to be installed on your friend's system. Try to use JetPack deployment utility. It creates self-extracted executable that does all necessary actions to setup your application properly. Good luck PS: this utility is absent in Personal Edition.
  2. Cain

    NullPointerException on Swing GUI

    Hi, It seems that compiled executable is unable to locate resources. Try to use Excelsior JET GUI. It will help you to create correct project files for your application. I had similar problems and this solution helped me. Good Luck
  3. Cain

    Jet Installation Prob

    Hi, I had the same sympthoms, but in my case the problem was caused by presence of processes being debugged in the system. I closed my debugger and the installation process resumed and finished sucessfully. Check that every suspicious process is killed. This may help. ?
  4. Hi, Is the personal version still present on your system? If so try to rename the folder that contains this version. And try to execute JET evaluation again. There's no need to reinstall it. ? The problem may happen when the first "JET\bin" folder occurred in the PATH environment variable contain other version of JET runtime libraries (that were based on different JDK than newly installed JET) Cain