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    Excelsior JET + JNA to get a transparent window

    Does it work in Linux using the official JDK. My guess is that you are running your desktop without a composition manager, which is required to get that transparency stuff working. Thats also the case for the official JDK. - Clemens
  2. Linuxhippy

    64 bit JET

    Memory intensive apps shouldn't benefit a lot, most improvements see apps which are very register starved, or operate a lot on 64-bit integers. We did some benchmarks here with real-world software, and in all cases performance in 64-bit mode was lower (when not using CompressedOops). - Clemens
  3. Linuxhippy

    Console Output

    Hi, as far as I know its encoded in the exe-format if the application should open a console or not - pretty unflexible design. What you could probably do is to write a small C launcher application, which has that console flag set, and launch your jet-compiled application out of this app. - Clemens
  4. Linuxhippy

    Java SE 6 Update 10

    Great By the way thanks for contributing back into OpenJDK! - Clemens
  5. Hi there, I am a student at the technical university vienna in Austria. I am developing an open-source RIA browser, well, which could benefit a lot from Excelsior-JET. It would be great if you could answer me a few questions about the academic license: 1.) My project is GPL and freeware, not commercial but not directly linked to my university activies for now. I hope I can make my diploma using this stuff as its some really complicated piece of software for my terms and quite tricky , but, for now its not linked with university. May I use the academic license for this project? 2.) Is it allowed to deploy my RIA browser on the internet? Whats about companies using my RIA browser, and adding/developing own plugins (using java-classes dynamically loaded with the "small" JIT compiler). Is this allowed? Will the academic license display a popup like the evaluation version? Has the academic license a global optimizer, thats the only feature I really care about. 3.) If all those points are fine, how long does the license last? If I finish with university, are the distributed executables not legal anymore, or may I just not use my academic anymore license to compile new code to native? Thanks for answering, lg Clemens PS: Jet is cool )
  6. Linuxhippy

    Question about academic license

    No, just of better 2d performance on linux desktops Do you know wether JET has optimizations for sun.misc.Unsafe or for NIO buffers? I am still working on JUIBrowser, I hope your offer won't expire because of the delay Thanks, Clemens
  7. Linuxhippy

    Question about academic license

    Thanks a lot for the gratulations For now its quite ugly code, I plan a rewrite generating X11 protocol in java directly, for some time now. Who knows maybe some day it will be deployed with Excelsior JET for Linux ... if it will be integrated into OpenJDK some day (I really hope so). Thanks again, Clemens
  8. Linuxhippy

    JOptionPane and NVIDIA driver on Linux

    I guess the problem is most likely in the nvidia driver itself, would be great if you could report the problem there too: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=14 Thats the place where nvidia devs look for reports. please mention that the problem only happens with the nvidia driver. lg Clemens
  9. Linuxhippy

    Using older versions for PR purposes

    Well if the apps are not finished, why not compiling it with the Evaluation version during development? Once they are finished you can ask for the free license, Excelsior seems to be very friendly and cooperativ My project itself is a very boring one and even for that they said a free license would be granted. lg Clemens
  10. Linuxhippy

    Java SE 6 Update 10

  11. Linuxhippy


    yes, but nothing commercial - so I can't really call myself a "customer"
  12. Linuxhippy


    Not at all, I was just curious about the reason you asked about this. I just can add that JET is great, although I am also no customer. But just because I don't have anything to compile with it, otherwise it would not be a hard descision lg Clemens
  13. Linuxhippy


    This makes me a some kind of curious. Why are you posting here for help, if you are not using Excelsior-JET? lg Clemens
  14. Linuxhippy

    Question about academic license

    Wow thanks a lot - I did not even think about asking for a free license because its such a boring, not very well known project. Thanks you did agree to the free license lg Clemens
  15. Linuxhippy

    Question about academic license

    Exactly, always the same code is executed (which interprets the commands from the server) on the client, except for the case that the developer uses self-written components. Thats why I asked about "plugin" loaded by the JIT. However a non-interactive server-side only custom component is in the works too. If the user wishes to run the JET-compiled executable (which he most likely will prefer ), he can launch a stand-alone application. Applet and Webstart can still be used if running "in" a JVM. lg Clemens
  16. Linuxhippy

    Question about academic license

    Hey, did not know you know ULC ) Yes, JUIBrowser is pretty much the same as ULC, it shares the same ideas. So, JUIBrowser is a free and open-source version of ULC. I have already a modified netbeans version which can generate code, very much like the ULC designer. Another goal is to keep the client-runtime small (less than 100kb, preferable <50k) whereas ULC is quite a fat client (~600kb last time I checked). Excelsior-Jet would allow organizations using JUIBrowser to deploy the runtime to a shared-folder - and therefor would allow to run it without any 3rd party software installation. An app-private JRE is not really well suited for this task, because of the large working set which has to be transmitted over network.. I think this could be really benefitial for JUIBrowser, because what I have seen JRE installations are a step-child of larger organizations - my last project was deployed on 1.3.1 on clients. However I don't know how fast JUIBrowser can progress, I don't have any projects which could benefit of a transition to JUIBrowser. lg Clemens
  17. Linuxhippy

    Question about academic license

    Sure Its a framework called (at least for now) JUIBrowser. Its some kind of remote-interface-interpreter, which means you can run swing-like code on the server, however the server just creates an UI description and sends it down to a small client which interprets the result. Very much like SAP interfaces, but much more flexible. It has some good qualities: 1.) Practically all user-code runs on server (however its possible to include own code in the client and call it from the server). No state-tracking, no compilcated client-server communication. 2.) Client stays always small (goal is <100kb) and the same also if app is changed, even for >1Mio projects and loads fast. 3.) One roundtrip guaranteed. Clever logic keeps roundtrips down to 1 per user-interaction, for not-registered events no roundtrip is needed. I started tinkering about this, because one of my projects (the first really large I did) ended up almost in a mess with client-server communication, and was hard to get right. This thing would have solved me a lot of time and troubles However the user-base is small, I don't think that many devs are interested in such things. My favourite use-case are internet-applications which are for now written in ugly Ajax, like chats, portals. Also it could be intersting for large enterprise-apps like call-center management ..., where deployment is a major hassle. A very pre-alpha project page can be found at: http://juibrowser.sf.net However the demo there really sucks lg Clemens
  18. Linuxhippy

    Question about academic license

    Yes, its dual-licensed anyway (GPL and freeware), so this should not be a large problem Good to know, otherwise it would scare me a bit I am not sure. My project is not one of those show-case projects, it has not even really started up with many users, which is stated as requirement for the free non-commercial license. I have not decided yet, but would the academic license also be allowed to use for this case? lg Clemens
  19. Linuxhippy

    Usage in Open Source

    As far as I understand its perfectly legal to compile GPL software with JET, because its a "basis framework", some kind of operating system. Its also legal to compile GPL apps with VC++ and distribute them and also to run GNU software on Windows lg Clemens
  20. Linuxhippy

    Compile to native without JRE?

    Hi Ultramixer, The JRE directory does not contain a JRE, only a few librarries used by the native application. So yes, everything known at compile-time will be compiled to native code. Maybe the name "JRE" was not well choosen lg Clemens
  21. Linuxhippy

    Call Native code from a compiled java dll

    As far as I know (but I may be wrong) its not possible to call jet-compiled code directly without JNI. JET-Executables still run in a managed enviroment which means the executable has to control all threads, etc. for garbage collection etc. JNI is indirect enough to allow JET/Java to handle these situations. Well as far as I know your plugin-creators would have to buy JET to create "native" plugins. I would recommend using the optimizing JIT compiler which produces almost as fast code as JET, this would also make it much easier to generate plugins for your users (ordinary jar's are ok). lg Clemens
  22. Linuxhippy

    Can compiled DLL callable from Java ?

    Sorry but as far as I know this is not possible (the way you would like it to have) with JET. Both JET and the JVM are isolated runtime enviroments which cannot work together that simple. Transferring objects from one "JVM" to another is e.g. one example where this could cause many problems. You could go through JNI like: Java compiled <-- JNI ---> C/C++ <----- JNI ----> JVM interpreted. You could use serialization for object-transfer. However from the performance Point of view such a design is not a really good idea - calling outside of java is quite expensive. However JET has very good JIT compilers including even a JIT cache, so I would recommend deploying the whole application as JET compiled executable, and get JET to load all classes dynamically except your library. lg Clemens
  23. Linuxhippy


    Well such systems are still quite common in Office use, and to be honest I don't see any reason why a K6-3 should be too slow to run some simple Swing-based apps. On the other hand ... well ... there's still Sun's java as fallback solution so. Maybe a compiler-switch as most other compiler support would be the developer-friendliest way. lg Clemens
  24. Linuxhippy

    J2SE 6 + Swing app

    Why don't you develop against Java-5, this way you could be sure it will work with Swing, and with very limited testing you could also support Java-6. Keep in mind that most clients have not upgraded to Java-6 anyway. But in general, if you don't use new features or rely on fixed bugs it should work as is. lg Clemens
  25. Linuxhippy

    Please make JET compatible with upx

    Ok, heres another update about the whole packer story Thanks to some help in the bitsum-forums (the authors of PECompact2) I was also able to get PECompact working. (command-line switch "/Ms:No") I did a small comparison of the two used compressors on my old Athlon1000/512Mb/Win98 and also benchmarked startup-times: [table][tr] [td][table][tr][td] Compressor [/td][/tr][tr][td]Uncompressed[/td][/tr][/table] AsPack[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table] PeCompact2 2.79 - LZMA2[table][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table][/td] [td][table][tr][td] Size [/td][/tr][/table]12,1mb[table][tr][td]4,04mb[/td][/tr][tr][td]3,55mb[/td][/tr][/table][/td] [td][table][tr][td] Start-Time (Cold/Warm/Warm-WinXP) [/td][/tr][/table] 8s/1s/1s[table][tr][td]3,5s/2s/1,5s[/td][/tr][tr][td]4s/2,7s/2s[/td][/tr][/table][/td][/tr][/table] Startup of the uncompressed file is very slow if the computer has been restarted before (no disk cache) because of IO (although the computer has a 60GB HDD from 2002!), here the compressed executables startup clearly faster. On WindowsXP all executables start faster ) When the files are already cached, the compressed executables start up noticeable slower - PECompact a bit slower than ASPack. I recommand using LZMA1 over LZMA2 because the LZMA2 was only 6kb smaller but needs about 300-500ms more time for decompression. The total package was shrinked to just 7,5mb (in-folder size, 1mb pack200 archive), although some forbidden elements have been removed too (color management stuff, ...). All in all that 3,55-4mb for a full-featured swing client are really good - and it doesn't look as fast and bloated as it really is lg Clemens