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  1. yes i did install both jetpack udpate and the normal evaluation update
  2. I first installed the personal edition then i decided i wanted to try jetpack so i uninstalled the personal edition downloaded the evulation edition and installed it. The first time when i installed personal edition everything worked and i could run the .exe without a problem, but i was just playing with it to get used to how it works. then i uninstalled personal and installed evulation becuase i wanted to try use jetpack. I ran jetpack on my personal edition created exe and it began to create but i stopped it half way. I then changed my java program, deleted my personal edition created exe and created another using the evaluation jet. now when i double click on the exe it gives me the "you cannot use this in commerical environment....." disclaimer, thats it, does nothign else. my program does run if i click on the run bat file that jet creates then it works ok but not when i db click on the exe. The 60 days carnt of run out since i only started playing with Jet yesterday. Then when i try to use jetpack on it, it will hang when i hit that save/pack button. The progress window for the save/pack will come up but it will just hang and do nothing. The reason for jetpack hanging is i assume the same reason the exe doesnt work? Is there anyway i can fix this? I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the evaulation jet with no luck. Thanks