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    Found it. It should be Windows.CreateFile("CONIN$",Windows.GENERIC_READ,Windows.FILE_-SHARE_READ,NIL,Windows.OPEN_EXISTING,Windows.FILE_BIT_SET(0),NIL) for the console-input HANDLE. Ok.
  2. What is the CONIN$ value to use when using the CreateFile-function of Windows to create a Windows.HANDLE for the console's input buffer. It gives me an "INVALID HANDLE VALUE" error.
  3. Yes, yes, yes. I have done it. Now I only have to use a module OUT to write things to the screen and a file while debugging a program. See the message about the STDFILES.DEF about redirection. That took me a whole year to discover for I'm speech disabled and live outside a city and cannot coommunicate with the learned people. Also I had to rewrite the Topspeed-compatibility-pack for myself as I did not have the money for buying the real maccoy. But I've done it. Now I can continue developping my super-fast, super-compact, easy-to-use database similar to Clarion. Anyone that is interested can e-mail me at acj@lantic.net. Thanks.
  4. ACJ

    XDS's StdChans.DEF

    Hi, I've done it. You should use the Win32 handle CreateFile-function and not the CreateConsoleScreenBuffer to open a Win32 console and then use the XDS<->Win32 converting tool to convert the Win32 handle to a ISO ChanId. Then you can use the redirection correctly. Also remember to allocate a console to the program. Also I've encountered another problem when outputting but solved it with the Win32 WaitUntilInputIdle-function.
  5. I have search the Windows.DEF for the AttachConsole-function but it does not exist. How can I update it to include the additional WIN32 API-things. I'm using XDS-X86-2.50 Personal Ediion. I've looked for a way to create a full-screen console on which I can write even if I'm not using XDS but just the compiled EXE-version. If I tried it outside XDS it writes but nothing on the screen until it's finished and exits normally exept if an error occurred! Then it displays the errormessage and exits normally. So I'm thinking about redirection.
  6. ACJ

    XDS's StdChans.DEF

    1. XDS-X86-Personal Edition 2.50. 2. I know it does not use the STDCHANS-module but I ask because I want to redirect the StdChans.OutChan() to output to the screen on/in a W98 DOSBOX.
  7. I want to do the following in a W98 Dos-box: Compile the SAMPLE's HELLO.MOD-program, exit XDS and typing HELLO.EXE ENTER and it should print HELLO on the screen. But it doesn't. Why? I tried redirecting, but it still doesn't work. Some-one else suggested that I rewrite my own inout-module to do the inout. I am puzzled by this because that's why redirection is there. Or should I do the rewriting stuff.
  8. I keep getting "RTS unhandled exception # ASSERT(FALSE,#)"-error. What does the number represented by the # mean? For example if you get an '3 ASSERT(FALSE,3)" it means "invalid location", and an "6 ASSERT(FALSE,6) means "WHOLE INT DIV 0". Where can I get such a list of ASSERT-errors, please?
  9. No, not yet. The "imvalid location"-error keep coming back if I modify part of my program. Also how do you read the keyboard directly.
  10. Yippee horaah! I have found one of the main erors iin the mHalt--module. It has something to do with the importation of module Strings into a definition module but it is not used. Thanks. I think you can delete this topic for now!
  11. Hi, I'm still busy. The same problem occurred again, but in another part of the program. I"m beginning to suspect the way I'm using the dynamic memory. I'll keep you posted on any progress.
  12. Yes, I have tried the debug-utility. It stops in the mHalt.MOD file. Funnilly if you import IO.MOD into mHalt.MOD but you don't use any of IO.MOD's routines directly, it seems to be working. Someone at XDS suspects the order in which the routines were called. I then looked at some way to specify this order but I couldn't find it. Any clues where?
  13. I want to write a library to write each routine's name and the module in a file as well as on the screen. It work's in Topspeed but not in XDS even with the XDS Topspeed Compatibility Pack installed. The fault is "RTS unhandled exception #3: invalid location". What am I missing?