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  1. I read docs of JET, it explain there are 2 types dll, load-time will use directive !module declare in project file, and run-time will use class.forName() call in java. The doc seems clear, but I am puzzled after I read example codes in <JET>\sample\dll\forname. In forNameTest.prj, it writes : % the below directive links the resulting EXE with MyDLL.dll !module MyDLL.dll Oh, I don't know what's different between 2 types dll now! In my understanding, run-time dll needn't require declare "!module MyDll.dll "
  2. Thanks for your answer, it's very helpful! I don't know why jet can't pick out those native method about AWT or SWING from JRE,and then the release package will be smaller. I don't understand the detail executive mode of AWT, but as your metion, I guess it's possible. at least, most file in JRE is useless when release AWT-base exe. Does it becuase copyright? JRE can't be divided?
  3. I use JMF package to my pgm, as known, JMF call AWT in somewhere. But in my pgm, I avoid to use such methods which call AWT api directly and indirectly. So I believe all my pgm never execute AWT api. although JMF involve them. I want to know ,after JET compile my pgm to exe, can my pgm release without JRE or JDK?