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  1. Hi I have massive problems ! ??? I installed 3.15 evaluation version and after that 3.15 prof edition (there were some days delay) Unfortunately, my perfectized exe's do not work properly, i.e. I get this error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: .\lib\zi\Europe\Berlin I think this is due to some problems caused by the evaluation installation Please help me ! I cannot deliver this version ! Marco
  2. Nordfriese

    Upgrade from 2.51 to latest JET version

    --- ok it seems to work, but if I use include_perfect_logging together with jet.stack.trace I get stack overflow errors additionally I would like to know if problems with HT architectures (hyperthreading) are fixed thanks, Marco
  3. Nordfriese

    Upgrade from 2.51 to latest JET version

    I doubt that I can use the perfect mechanism in the evaluation version
  4. Hello, I would like to know if there are some numbers on the improvements that were made in case of performance and memory consumption from version 2.51 to the latest version of JET. In detail, I would like to know if there are statements of improvement with respect to the following topics: - Improved performance - Smaller executables - Important stability improvements and bug-fixes - Executable image optimization for faster application startup and reduced memory consumption (Professional Edition only) - Scalable parallel garbage collector for n-way systems (Professional Edition only) - Improved performance, especially for Swing applications - Application memory consumption significantly reduced thanks to more sophisticated garbage collection policy - Faster garbage collection - Compiler's memory requirements lowered Also, experiences with using these features - Java-VB6, Java-VBA integration (see samples\invocation\COM) => have you used JET apps inside of e.g. Access ? I do have the 2.51 version and am using only the perfect feature, but currently have severe problems with hyperthreading processor architecture Can you please help me Thanks a lot in advance, Marco
  5. Nordfriese

    Features of 3.0

    What will be teh features of JET 3.0 ?
  6. Hi, is there any alternative toolset for creating windows like gui without Swing or AWT such that I can use JET perfect to create a simple EXE-File ? Thanks, Marco
  7. Nordfriese

    JET dll's from VBA and Excel

    hi, do you already have such a sample ? thanks, marco
  8. Hi has anybody experienced compiler problems with this configuration ? Unfortunately (maybe because of duplicated classes) the compiler crashes ( Thanks, Marco