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  1. upeters

    JetPack Questions

    Hopefully one will be able to run JetPack in batch mode (with complete command line options) to automate a build process? Or at least be able to save in the project the extra dlls to be packed (advanced options dialog) instead of having to check them every time manually before packing the archive? Ulrich
  2. upeters

    JCE trouble with deployed application

    Hello, thank you for the reply. However, I can't quite understand what is happening. If this a well-known problem, why don't Excelsior simply fix/update the current evaluation package? These *known* JCE problems only slow down the evaluation process - I am now trying to get a working Java application to run as a JET executable for a week. This wait to get any response from support could be avoided. Now I am again sitting and waiting again for a solution for another well-known problem. Where can I find it by myself? I found nothing in the FAQ, the maintenance pack doesn't resolve it either... Where am I suppose to look? Where does a paying user get the corrections? Does he have to contact the company each time to have the update mailed to him some time/days later? Just trying to understand how this works... Thank you, Ulrich
  3. Hello, I was able to compile and run a Java application which makes use of several APIs, like Java Sound, 2D, Comm, JDBC and JCE. On my PC, where I compiled the application, everything runs just fine - just like the original *.jar. On the development PC, I have the JDK 1.4.0. Then I tried to deploy the application to another PC, where JET is not installed, using JetPack. After unpacking the archive on that PC, I am getting the following error message when I try to run the application: "java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Cannot set up certs for trusted CAs: java.security.cert.CertificateException: X.509 not found" JetPack bundled xjce25013.dll, 557056 bytes. I suppose that is the "corrected" version, not included in the current JET evaluation package. On the test PC, I installed just the JRE 1.4.0, but this should be enough to run everything, isn't it? This is very confusing. What else is missing? Did JetPack "forget" to include something required to run the application? Ideas, thoughts, or any other update not included in the current evaluation package? Thank you in advance...