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  1. My default SDK is 1.4.1, ie. it is my default java runtime. I also have installations of 1.4.0 and 1.3.0 in my system, these are not the default runtime. The jet installation proceeded and completed on my system; when asked which JDK I wanted to install I pointed JET to my 1.4.0 installation directory. So ... my installation does not match your message criteria. However, when I want to run JET I am prefectly happy to use 1.4.0. 1.4.1 has some charactaristics that are useful me generally and so I wish to keep it as my default SDK. Now clearly Launchpad detects the default SDK and moans if it does match the JET compiled SDK. What I want to do is tell Launchpad where to find the SDK that matches my JET installation rather than have it pick the default and complain. Is this possible?? If it isn't is should be. A JET installation should not require me to switch my default SDK. Thanx, Al
  2. I use SDK 1.4.1 as my installed SDK 'cause it's the only SDK that supports hot code swapping under Eclipse. I've installed the personal version by directing the installation to compile a 1.4.0 installtion on my disk; this works just fine. Luanchpad moans, however, that Jet is not installed properly. I can only assume it is looking for some version of the SDK other than 1.4.1. Is there any way to control VM Launchpad boots under? Thanx, Allan Clearwaters