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  1. I have a problem with JetPackII (JET 4.80 / J2SE 1.5.0_09) where when I build my application with the medium or high reduction then my application hangs during start up and I have to terminate the process after waiting a few minutes. This isn't my problem though as I'm happy to use the no reduction option.

    The problem is that whenever I start JetPackII from a saved project and the Medium Reduction option is selected and I then change it to No Reduction then the first time I create the Installer Setup it still creates it with the medium reduction option.  If I then create the installer a second time it works just fine.



  2. I've been using the evaluation edition of Jet to check it's suitability and I have a couple of gripes re it's performance.

    The application I am compiling is quite a large Swing based application and one of the things my users always complain about is the time it takes to launch the application. ?Using the JRE with hotspot this can take around 20-30 seconds, I assumed Jet would be quicker as it doesn't have to do all the JIT stuff at startup. ?But why does the Jet compiled application take 2 to 3 times longer to launch?

    Also, ?using the standard JRE my application uses around 25-30MB of memory, the Jet compiled .exe uses over 40MB causing the application to perform a lot more sluggish on lower spec PC's. ?Is there anything that can be done do reduce the memory overhead?

    Otherwise, Jet looks quite promising.


    Gary Lynch