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  1. rbeukelaers

    problems with application

    Thanks for the quick reply. I tried what you suggested but no luck. I've found something very strange. I tried JET with an incomplete version of my program and placed it in the folder c:\temp\kodak. The program ran with no problems. Now that my program is finished, I renamed the folder c:\temp\kodak to c:\temp\kodak-old and created a new directory c:\temp\kodak and placed all files in there. If I run the exe from that folder, nothing is shown. If I remove the exe to the folder c:\temp\kodak-old and run it from there, I see my program on the screen. So I moved the kodak-old directory to my d-drive, erased everyhting what was in c:\temp and restarted but no succes. Again if I put the exe to d:\kodak-old, the program works. It seems like I can only run from the folder kodak-old . Roel
  2. rbeukelaers

    problems with application

    Hi, I'm currently using the evaluation version of JET but I have some problems with my application. When I run it under JVM there are no problems. But when I run the exe nothing is shown on the screen. I checked the logfile and found these "errors": [ Customer.java 24.01 W902 ] constant condition eliminated # if (content.equals(null)||content.equals("")||content.equals("Fil... [ Window.java 85.01 N337 ] Object *Vector "arg 0 in <init>(...)" in function "Window.jbInit" is allocated on the stack # Vector v = new Vector(); [ Window.java 104.01 W314 ] variable "l_i4" has compile time defined value here # mParts[cc] = temp.substring((Integer.parseInt((String)v.elementAt(c... Can someone tell me what this all means? My guess these errors are the reason why my program is not showing on my screen. Thanks, Roel