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  1. Linux ioctl

    Thanks for the answer - I do not come here often, that's why I missed it until now... C.
  2. Linux IDE

    If you are new to Linux do yourself something good and use XDS with GNU Make and Vim or Emacs. You can easily compile your code from the editors, also catch the output of the compiler. Syntax highlighting is also available. XDS-x86 integrates nicely with GCC, the standard installation uses GCC as its linker, if I understand things right. Have fun!
  3. Is it true XDS-x86 for Linux won't run on a machine with 16MB RAM? And is the size of my swap-space of no influence to the answer of this question? Thanks in advance, Christoph
  4. System requirements / Linux

    Thanks again, Christoph
  5. System requirements / Linux

    Thanks for the quick answer . I just asked because the system requirements on the webpage mention a minimum of 24MB - Regards, Christoph
  6. Hi, I installed the compiler to /usr/local/xds, then I read the note about better rebuilding the libraries on newer linux-systems. When doing "make -f lib.mkf" after a while I get the message: make: *** No rule to make target '../../../../src/xr/C-Native/x86Linux/native_m.c' , needed by '../../C/native_m.o'. Stop. I am using Debian 3.0 / gcc 2.95.4 - does anyone have an idea what I have to do? TIA, Christoph
  7. installing linux-compiler on debian 3.0

    Thanks! Regards, Christoph
  8. FreeBSD

    Thanks a lot for the quick answer! so for the few ones maybe interested (and I think this is a problem of the linux-support of FreeBSD, not one of XDS-x86): I use FreeBSD 4.6, I already tried to compile with the "additional ABI-support" and I get some error-message about GLIBC. When trying to run H2d, I get another error (not related to GLIBC). If anyone has managed to compile something please tell me. I'd be really interested. BTW this would also drastically increase the portability of programs made with XDS-x86. TIA, Christoph