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  1. I guess some work has also been done for pthreads. Have a look at the sources of GNU Modula-2, especially here:


    Some posts to the GNU Modula-2 mailing list may also be interesting, eg:


    Here are the search results (pthreads) from the mailing list:



  2. As far as you are talking about freely available software and as long as you do not want to spend money or simply write directly to the Excelsior support I guess you'll have to use XDS-C with the compatibility pack and use a C-compiler for the target platform. As the homepage of Excelsior states: "XDS-C is a Modula-2/Oberon-2 'via C' compiler: its output is ANSI C, K&R C, or C++ source code, which is subject to further compilation by a third party C/C++ compiler." Which means older compilers will hopefully work.


  3. Is that a problem in the XDS environment and its integrated editor? If it is, have you tried to use another font (Configure - Colors and Fonts - Tab "Editor", there's a button to set the Fonts)? I use Fixedsys/Standard which works well but I am using Windows Vista. If you cannot solve the problem that way, have a look at alternative editors (e.g. Notepad++, there are some posts here to help with this).

    Good luck,


  4. Hi,

    choosing an IDE strongly depends on sympathy and your personal needs.

    Having said that I'd try to get into learning one of the powerful editors like Emacs or Vim. XDS Modula-2 integrates nicely with the great GNU-utilities. So using Makefiles and so on turns the mentioned editors into highly customizable environments. It's a pity XDS doesn't support GDB -

    If you want a more Windowish solution you may want to have a look at Kate. An editor for KDE coming with M2 syntax-highlighting and the ability to drive userdefined programs from the GUI.

    Here's a Spanish-only link describing a possible setup with a different compiler. Translation via one of the search-engines works acceptable.


    You may also want to have a look here:


    Hope this helps,


  5. If you are new to Linux do yourself something good and use XDS with GNU Make and Vim or Emacs. You can easily compile your code from the editors, also catch the output of the compiler. Syntax highlighting is also available. XDS-x86 integrates nicely with GCC, the standard installation uses GCC as its linker, if I understand things right.

    Have fun!