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  1. grey

    Memory management

    I bought Jet professional 3.0, is there any difference on memory management between Jet professional 3.0, 3.15 and future 3.5? My application works fine with Java virtual machine, but fails on most case for out of memory with compiled version. I did some memory tuning, but it does not help.
  2. I need check some information related to the execution file, like create/modification date. And sometimes the application need access external files which are located in the same directory of the execution file, I need get the absolute path of the execution file to get the path of external file.
  3. If it's a Jar file, I can get it with the following: 1. using getResource() to get a URL 2. analyze the url and get the filename of the Jar file But after compile with Jet, the filename I got is still the Jar filename, not the executable file. How can I get the filename of the executable file?
  4. grey


    Does Excelsior will upgrade Jet to support Jdk1.3.1_06?
  5. I am sure I just made the exe file and add it to the project.
  6. I am using Jet 2.5 standard version. I build an exe file and want to use Jetpack for packing. but get the message "No Jet-compiled executable files found". Why?