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  1. 1.4.2_01 is out. What's the timeframe for a JET release that will support it? Second question is, what will be the pricing policy for Linux (I mean, for people wanting both Windows and Linux binaries, so, both compilers). Will it be a cross-compiler?
  2. aaime

    JMF and JRE

    Is is possible to create an application using SWT and JMF without having to carry on the whole JRE? Specifically, I need to create a library (dll) that can be called from C and VB besides pure Java.
  3. Well, the week is over but I see no upgrade around ;-) (ok, ok, I know that trying to make forecast for software deadlines is just like trying to do weather forecasting...) Andrea
  4. Of course the environment should run also on Linux. What I really wanted is to have the dev environment on a Linux box, prepare from here an installation package for Windows, go on the windows machine (or launch VMWare) ,install and test without having to setup the build environment also there.
  5. Nice ) Too bad. This means that one needs to setup a developer environment both on windows and on linux... I'm planning to buy both linux and windows version, but I still have not understood how to make the best buy (that is, if I wait for the linux version will I get better discounts? ;-)
  6. I'm evaluating JET to produce a small SWT based library that will be invoked from a c program. Our client has a c program and wants a gui on top of it, but cannot program MFC or similar. We don't have the expertise either, so we are considering of building a java program with SWT and build a dll that out client can call... the main problem in that invocation API is a mess, why is it not possible to create a standard dll with exports that can be easily called by c code?
  7. aaime

    Netbeans & Excelsior

    Just bumping it on top... does anyone at Excelsior mind comment on this?
  8. aaime

    Linux beta testing?

    Just wanted to know if there is some linux beta testing program for the new version of the compiler... I'll be happy to try it out.
  9. aaime

    Netbeans & Excelsior

    I'm interested, me too )
  10. Too bad you're not considering also Windows... an open source java program should deserve good performance on both platforms. Anyway, Linux is better than nothing, it's my primary platform at home when I do open source coding...
  11. Do you have any plan to provide JET for free to selected open source projects like RefactorIT, Clover and other commercial projects does? That is, allow those people to compile natively and distribute their apps, maybe provided that they put a notice somewhere (splash screen, help, and so on). This would provide you more product testing and increase the product visibility... Andrea Aime
  12. aaime

    Any status of Linux porting?

    I'm really interested too... I'm developing GIS applications in Java, thus performance is a problem, but my main platform is Linux... I would be interested in being a beta tester too...
  13. aaime

    Netbeans and JET

    Is there any way to compile to native code Netbeans 3.4.1 with jet personal edition? If so, is module loading/updating affected?
  14. Can we have some information about the new features of JET 3.0, besides the support for jdk 1.4.1 (I mean, if you are jumpin to a new major number there must be something seriours cooking ) I see that Netbeans is not among your tested products... it's a bit of a shame, since it's a big project and native compilation may give us better performance in an IDE wich is notoriusly resource hungry (please don't tell me to use Eclipse, there's no swing GUI builder and I rely on some open source software which is swing based for my work...) Ah, btw, I'm using Konqueror to post this message and your javascript code tells me that my "browser not compatible with these buttons"... in fact I think the browser is compatible, it's the browser detection code that is flawed...