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    Will JET work for us?

    My company is about to begin redesigning new versions of our major products, and I'm in the process of researching what programming language they should be in. In the past, we have used Visual C++, but we'd like to use Java. The problems we have are as follows: 1. Speed - some of our customers have incredibly low-spec machines - even 486's in some cases. While I don't expect anything to run on a 486 anymore, can a JET-compiled program be reasonably expected to run on an early Pentium? 2. No assurance of JVM/JRE - most of our customers hardly know how to use a computer, let alone install a JVM/JRE. Our applications are going to be GUI-based, but probably not Swing (SWT looks good, and appears to be supported by JET without a JRE present). These are full-screen games, most being card games, with no action-type games. Will Java work for us, or should we stick with Visual C++? Thanks in advance! --- Chris Snyder Systems Administrator MVP Software http://www.mvpsoft.com