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  1. pasic101

    DLL Breaks Upon Deployment

    I've previously tried including the entire JET RT, and it made no difference. Regarding the trial run, I was able to include the 3rd-party app in my package and thus conduct a trial run. The run executed normally and did not throw the NullPointerException. However, the routine in question took much longer in the trial run than it did in development - 3 minutes vs. 10 seconds. Why would my DLL's work in the trial run but not in deployment? And what's causing the slow-down in the trial run?
  2. pasic101

    DLL Breaks Upon Deployment

    I'm unable to perform a trial run because my deployment package contains only .DLL's. ?I glossed over it efore, but my project consists of one .DLL built from Java by JET and two .DLL's build in VC++. ?The project is a plugin for a 3rd-party app which communicates with my C++ .DLL's via COM. ?These, in turn, use JNI to execute code in the Java .DLL. In short, I am indeed skipping the trial run, but that's because I've got only .DLL's in my package.
  3. I'm using JET to create a .DLL from Java code and am having troubles deploying my application. The general idea is to package Java code in a .DLL, then access that code from C++ using JNI. The project works fine on my development machine, but for some reason, it malfunctions when I distribute it. I'm using JET to create the .DLL, and JetPack to create the installer. My code requires no Swing or AWT, so I'm using the "JRE-less" setting in JetPack. JetPack completes successfully and produces the installer as expected. I can then copy the installer to a test machine and run it. However, when I exectue my C++ program on the test machine, I consistently get a java.lang.NullPointerException thrown by the .DLL. The exception is thrown everytime I execute the code, and always in the same place. Though I can't debug the .DLL directly, I've been able to zero in on the call that results in the exception. From what I can tell, the .DLL seems to execute just fine until attempts to create a new GregorianCalendar. The .DLL executes the line of code just prior to the call to the GregorainCalendar(int, int, int, int, int) constructor and does not execute any subsequent lines. As a temporary workaround, I've instructed JetPack to use the "Internal JRE". For whatever reason, the exception is not thrown by the .DLL when the Sun JRE is present on the test machine. Also, I attempted to use JetPerfect on the .DLL before placing it in JetPack, but the results were the same. Oh yeah, I'm running JET 3.5 with Sun's JRE 1.4.2_03 on a Win2K machine with MS VC++ 6.0. I'd appreciate any tips or pointers y'all may have. Thanks, pasic
  4. pasic101

    JETpackII creating updates

    Has this problem been solved? I am having the same trouble, and I have not been able to resolve it. I can reproduce the error, and send the jetpack files if necessary.
  5. I'm working on a product that processes large amounts of data. Whenever the data required needs more than about 512MB of RAM, the JET executables stop performing. Is there a limit on the amount of RAM that a JET executable can use? The system being used to run this executable has 1GB of physical RAM. Setting the heaplimit property to greater than 512MB has not solved the problem. Thanks