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  1. ammu76

    exe with jvm chekup

    hi, thx for the reply. i was expected the same answer. amar
  2. ammu76

    jet with jmf

    i want to create an exe for a java application that uses jmf api too. is it possible to create a exe, that doesn't require jmf to be installed on target system. if possible, pls give details.
  3. ammu76

    exe with jvm chekup

    i have created an exe file for a gui based java application. i want to create a self extracting exe using the jetpack tool which includes jvm as a part of it. the installation file should check for the availability of valid jvm on target system. if it is not available then only it should install jvm, otherwise the application has to install the exe alone. is it possible with jetpack tool. any help would be appreciated...