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  1. barnetman

    JetPack Icon

    Sorry (again!) I got a bit excited. The FAQ only refers to the JET compiled executable not the JETPACK installation executable. So my question still stands - how do you attach an icon to the JETPACK executable.
  2. barnetman

    JetPack Icon

    I've just look at the FAQ and found the answer. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.. However, if anyone knows of a way of reducing the size of the installation executable (over 30Mb, I have to add the JRE because most clients won't have the correct version) I'd be pleased to know!
  3. barnetman

    JetPack Icon

    I've created my first installation pack (thanks to some support from Excelsior!) and I have a simple question.. Is it possible to associate an Icon with the installation executable. The current icon is a little 'dos window' type thing and I would like to replace it with an 'installation type' icon. Thanks (I've tried wrapping the application using iconforge but it didn't work)