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  1. Thanks. Yes, correct. So I have to avoid supplying bytecode to ClassLoader if I want to have jit-less (whether perfected or not) application. Thanks.
  2. Hello! I have the question regarding using classloaders in JET. if I execute System.out.println(MyClass.class.getProtectionDomain().getCodeSource().getLocation()); I will have different results with normal JVM and Jet VM. Normal JVM will report the URL of jar from which MyClass.class was loaded. And Jet VM will report the directory where the DLL containing compiled MyClass is located. So my question is: How can I make Jet VM report that MyClass was loaded from a jar file, taking into account that 1. JIT is not the solution since the number of classes is huge and caching becomes ineffective; 2. Sometimes I would prefer to use +perfect mode. I guess the decision may be having some sort of meta-data for every class loaded with custom classloader containing the source location. This information is expected to be collected during the run with -Djet.class.usage option and it can be stored in the .usg file. That's obviously not the complete or clear decision, but I could be something like that. This feature will allow usage of custom class loaders without -Djet.jit.xxx options, which in turn will allow to compile such applications as web/j2ee servers, Eclipse/Netbeans etc. IDEs, which use a plug-in architecture expoiting custom classloaders and a lot of other applications.
  3. fkirill

    Multitasking and Java memory management

    HI everybody! Fraknly, I have never run into such a problem that whould be resoved with MVM. The concern proposed by T.Rex will not work since every thread may potentially access a shared object (referenced by more then one thread) in a heap, so having several heaps means having several absolutely isolated thread groups with no shared objects (even standard library classes), and these are actually different java processes. So this proposal cannot be implemented within current JVM paradigm. So my opinion is NO, I don't need such a feature (at least at the time being).
  4. fkirill

    Any example of printing to PDF?

    Try Fop http://xml.apache.org/fop/index.html
  5. fkirill

    Application shutdown

    I guess, we need more information to help. for example a run log fragment saying what the error is.
  6. Does anybody know how to compile Eclipse with Jet (preferrably personal edition)? I tried to use jet.jit, jet.jit.cache, jet.jit.save.classes run-time preferences but all I had is an error message in the Eclipse .log file "java.lang.RuntimeException: Fatal Error: Unable to locate matching org.eclipse.core.runtime plug-in.". One of the readme.txt in th esamples claims JET 3.11 to be able to compile Eclipse in the jet.jit mode. Well, as well as I failed to repeat that, I would like to know (probably from the JET team) how to make compiled version of Elipse to work. Probably it would be a good idea to make some sort of sample (like that that is provided for Eclipse SWT).
  7. When I foolowed the help in order to optimize image I found out the there is no utility (referred to in help) named XOrder.exe. Does Excelsior do it intentionally or by mistake?