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    Installation file sizes with JRE included

    Oh, now I'm getting the picture. We are really distributing not only the whole (Sun's) JRE as a legal requirement (it cannot be distributed in part) but also the JET runtime. But still something inefficient is going on. My application uses a miniscure amoutn of Swing and the rest of AWT. I can accept the JRE being 14MB in the manner that you are distributing it, but the amount that JET and the DLLs are adding amounts to 20MB for my small application. The resulting installation file is 34MB. I would rather sacrifice the extra speed that JET offers and have a distribution file that is about 15MB (Sun's original 9MB JRE, a bit extra for the installer and my 1MB application), but I do not know any such products that are well priced. JET Professional is in my acceptable range. InstallAnywhere and InstallShield are both twice as expensive and definitely out of my budget. Can you advocate any product that offers a seemless installer (for example as excellent as your JetPack installer) but does not do the extra compiling/optimization (i.e. runs the application entirely through the JRE) and produces the much smaller distribution file? Best Regards Julian
  2. julian_cochran

    Installation file sizes with JRE included

    >I'm wondered where you've got such small JRE. >Standard one is more then 30MB in unpacked state >(and about 16MB packed). If you click goto java.sun.com and select the "J2SE 1.4 SDK" link to the left and then select the JRE column under the Windows row, you are taken to the download for the Windows JRE. It shows: Download j2re-1_4_0_03-windows-i586.exe . Filesize = 9,395,960 bytes. So shouldn't JetPack be producing a file not much larger than 10MB? The file produced by Jetpack was over 30MB and it was already compressed. I ran it through WinZip and the resulting ZIP file was still over 30MB. Why is such a large file being produced? The JRE is NOT as large as 16MB, but even if it was then JetPack should be producing an installataion file not much more than 18MB for a small application not carrying any resources, right? I'd be happy to buy this product if an installation file could be produced that wasn't so much larger than the JRE. Best Regards Julian Cochran
  3. My Java application is less than 1MB (for the .jar file and resources such as images) and Sun's JRE 1.4 for Windows is about 8MB. I used the evaluation of JET and the packaging/installation utility that comes with JET to create a single .EXE file that acts as the installation file that is distributed. I was alarmed to see that the file was 32MB. I used all of the default settings in both JET adn the packaging utility What is producing a file so large? Is that any way to get the file down closer to around 10MB as I would expect? Apart from this everything went increadible smoothly. Best Regards Julian Cochran