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    jEdit and BeanShell evaluation

    Ohh yeah, and just to avoid confusion I have just found out that some actions from the actions.xml file works just fine. Such as quick-search: view.quickIncrementalSearch(false); My specs is: AMD XP2000 512 mb ram ATI 8500LE graphics card JDK 1.4.1_01
  2. Hi, I am currently evaluating JET to see if it could benifit the jEdit project. http://jedit.org I can see that you are currently using jEdit as part of your test suite. I downloaded: * the evaluation version of JET 3.0 * the build instructions for jEdit from your site * the sourcecode for jEdit4.1pre7 http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/jedit/jedit41pre7source.tar.gz?download Then I: * Installed JET * I built jEdit using ant * Build jEdit as instructed in the files I got from you jEdit starts and seems to run fine. However there seems to be issues with a lot of the items in the menues. I get NPE when trying to do simple things like opening a file or starting the search dialog. Investigating the jEdit source a bit I find that jEdit uses BeanShell evaluation of code to perform simple actions. So open file from the menu (or shortcut) will trigger the action open-file. Looking in the <jedit-src-home>\org\gjt\sp\jedit\actions.xml you see that open-file evaluates the following expression: GUIUtilities.showVFSFileDialog(view,null,VFSBrowser.BROWSER_DIALOG,true); Going into the jEdit menu Utilities > BeanShell > Evaluate Expression and pasting the above code in causes a NPE. Doing the same from jEdit launched from the .jar file does not cause any problems. Everything else seems to work as expected. Including the dynamic installation of plug-ins. Also as a curiosity I see that evaluating simple expressions like 2+2 works fine, so the BeanShell evaluation is not all broken. I am at my wits end. I have no idea on how to debug this problem any further without concluding that it is a problem in JET. Since jEdit is in your test-suite I belive it would be in your best interests to test if you see this problem too or if I have some configuration error. Looking forward to hear your reply Thanks /Lasse