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    Alink and XDS

    Could somebody explain me how to use Alink linker with XDS-x86 PE(Windows)? For example I want to make DOS .com file from hello.ob2(in samples\oberon folder). First I compile it in XDS and get the hello.obj file. Then I execute the following: alink hello.ob -oCOM -o out.com This is what it writes: ----------- Cut ----------------------- ALINK v1.6 © Copyright 1998-9 Anthony A.J. Williams. All Rights Reserved Loading file hello.obj COMENT Record (unknown type C8) COMENT Record (unknown type C9) LINNUM record matched Externs matched ComDefs Unresolved external X2C_InitFPP Unresolved external X2C_INIT_HISTORY Unresolved external X2C_BEGIN Unresolved external InOut_BEGIN Unresolved external X2C_MODULE Unresolved external InOut_WriteString Unresolved external InOut_WriteLn Unresolved external xStart ----------- Cut ----------------------- What am I doing wrong?