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  1. io

    DND problems

    I did send this individual a jar executable and it worked fine on his system. The JETPack installer worked and the Windows .exe launched fine but the clipboard and DnD features did not. He is running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. The problem seems unique to his system. I've not had any other complaints. It's still unsettling that such inconsistencies can occur. Thanks,
  2. io

    DND problems

    I'm not sure I understand your questions. What do you mean by Java version? A .jar executable? The JET installer works ok and he can launch the Jet complied executable but the DnD and Clipboard (system specific) features do not work on his system. The same installer and the same executable work fine on my system. Thanks,
  3. io

    DND problems

    I have a guy who has installed my Swing app that I created and packed with JET. The drag and drop and clipboard features do not work on his system. No one else has reported this problem and it works fine on my system. Any ideas why those features would not work on a particular system. He is using JRE 1.4.1_01 on Win2k. Thanks
  4. I had an individual complain that when he tried to install the JETPack .exe installer for my application he got the message "Program to big to fit in memory." What does that mean? What is the remedy? It installs fine on my system. Thanks,
  5. io

    Excelsior Stopped working

    As to the first item, never mind. I did move the jre JET was using. oops. Too much going on. I still would like to know if I need to completely re-install if I want to upgrade to 1.4.1 or can I just replace the jre in the C:\JET\bin directory?
  6. I just installed service pack 3 for Win2000 and Excelsior Jet and all applications created by it can't find the JRE I was using. The JRE is still in the same place and none of the directories have been renamed. Any ideas on how do I fix this or what may have happened? Also, I was thinking of upgrading to the 1.4.1 jre. Will I need to reinstall JET to have it use that version? Thanks.
  7. io

    Uninst.log Question

    Are you suggesting that if I distribute a piece of software commercially that has been packaged and compiled with JET products that the target system has to have JET software installed on it as well? Also, does the target system have to have the exact JRE I used when I created the .exe OR any JRE greater than the one I used at compile time? Thanks,
  8. I have successfully created an installer using JetPack and everything appears to install OK on my system. I opened up the Uninst.log text file that gets created upon installation and noticed that other stuff gets put in the JET\bin directory. These entries specifically: INIKEY "[JET]\JET_Home" NEW: "C:\JET\BIN" INIKEY "[JET]\JRE_1.4.0_02_Home" OLD: "C:\JET\BIN\JRE1.4.0_02" NEW: "C:\JET\BIN\JRE1.4.0_02" I assume this is where the .dll files necessary to run the .exe are getting installed on my system. What happens if the user does not have Jet installed on their system? Where do the .dll files go?
  9. I have just been told by another programmer that it's impossible to run more than one Swing app at a time on a single jvm. In other words, for each GUI I have open I have to have a separate jvm. This does not sound right to me. If it's true it must be a Windows thing because I am not having this problem on MacOSX and I only have one jvm. Has anyone heard of this?
  10. Yes. I have loaded the icon image and set it to the title bar and it appears fine if I launch the applcation from the command line, but if I compile it into an .exe with JET it disappears. No nullpointerexception or anything. It's just gone.
  11. I've been experimenting too. It turns out if I open ANY java application, such a Borland's JBuilder, at the same time as JET I get this behavior, or worse, JBuilder just dies and JET looses its GUI. Perhaps the applications or competing for resources but I think, in general, JAVA is just not working right on this machine. Does anyone have any ideas on how to diagnose a troubled JVM? Is there a web site, a diagnostic tool? Thanks
  12. OK. I've narrowed this down. This behavior only occurs when I have JET opened at the same time the actual application .exe I have compiled with JET is open. The JET applications works fine as long as my .exe is not opened. My .exe works fine on its own too. But both applications open at the same time causes JET to loose its GUI. I have to use the task manager to quit JET or restart.
  13. Yes. The JET GUI's title bar contains the JET icon.
  14. Whenever I minimize JET or JET Pack in the task bar their GUIs are either transparent or blank when I bring them back up. I connot exit the application, however, I can launch JET again. I can keep doing this over and over until my task bar is filled with JET icons. They do not go away until I restart. Very messy indeed.
  15. My JET complied .exe file does not include the icon in the application's title bar. I noticed that if I do not supress the console, the console window does have the application icon in its title bar, the actual application does not.