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  1. tintapok

    compiling JBuilder

    I put this question in every 8-10 months, maybe somebody will answer now The question is simple: I'd like to compile the JBuilder to get a faster IDE. How should I do it? Thanks, T.
  2. tintapok

    JBuilder again

    A few months ago I asked if it's possible to compile the JBuilder (versions >=7). Then the answer was to wait for Jet 3.1, and for some project files, which would allow to compile the JBuilder. Meantime Jet 3.1 has appeared. Now my question is: is now possible to compile Jbuilder? Is there somebody willing to tell how to do it ? Thanks a lot, Tintapok
  3. Hello, I' m curious if it's possible to compile JBuilder (version 7 or with the JET compiler to make it a little bit faster (and if yes, how) JBuilder is a nice developing tool, but consumes enormous quantitites of memory, and requires quite fast processor. Thanks, tntpk