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  1. littlefish

    My launchpad error

    My LaunchPad reports "Cannot determine JET HOME". How can I fix it?
  2. If I compile an app into JET exe, can I load any external Java class file from within the JET compile exe app? Regards
  3. Could anybody help? I cannot find any documentation or example of printing to PDF.
  4. littlefish

    JDK 1.4.1_03 and 1.3.1_08

    The update is only for 3.11 How about 3.0 registered user?
  5. I am using Java communication API, JET300 generated EXE file is not working with it. I believe that Java is using a win32com.dll Could you pls advise how we can use this DLL?
  6. littlefish

    Does JET 3.0 support JDO?

    Do you have a schedule for testing JDO?
  7. If I purchase the software with CD delivery, will the CD contain more contents than my download from your site?
  8. littlefish

    Any intention to J2ME?

    Will future JET be ported to J2ME?
  9. My last information above the Linux porting will be mid/2003. Will it be specific to a particular provider such as Red Hat or Suse or Mandrake, etc? or generic for the kernel version? How can I become a beta tester for you?
  10. littlefish

    Can I ODBC to Database fm NT Service?

    Yes, you are right. It works now. Thank you for your help.
  11. I use the sample code "Simple Services" and insert the following codes. Although the codes are working in normal java application, it does not connect to the database and report errors in NT service. Insert to line #1, "import java.sql.*;" Insert to line #11, "public Connection dbConn;" Insert to line # 33, just below "// working ..." try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); dbConn = DriverManager.getConnection("JDBC:ODBC:TESTODBC","testuser","111"); } catch (Exception e) { logErrorEvent("Error : \n" + e.toString()); } Does Excelsior NT service not support database connection? or is this a bug?
  12. littlefish

    crypto extensions

    What crypto functions are you using? Do you use 3rd party library? My development with Java only crypto function works fine (at least upto this moment) for me in JET3.00
  13. littlefish

    Can I ODBC to Database fm NT Service?

    I cannot agree. I am using English W2000+SP3, SQL2000+SP2 Everything on a single machine, not networking I log on as Administrator I have created a testing ODBC, testing user and testing user password, etc. My development has been done over 6 months using the above setting. I have also created a testing Java application will the same ODBC setting and same user ID and same password. The Java application has also been compiled with standard JET3.00 (purchased in Feb'2003). It works fine. When I try to compile a testing apps using your sample "SimpleSample" with added testing codes (mentioned in my first msg), it reports error. I try to follow your advice by installing the latest JET311, the same error comes out. The account setting in the W2K service is NOT the same as ODBC user name and password (as far as I know). Unless JET is using it, isn't it??? Anyway, I think this is a critical BUG. My customer is started to show dissappointed. If I am willing to PAY immediately by upgrading to the JET311 Professional Edition with Premium support, please advise your agreement of support level, service quality and response time. Moreover, pls confirm that this BUG will be fixed.
  14. littlefish

    Can I ODBC to Database fm NT Service?

    Error description from W2000 Event Viewer Error (1003) : java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified
  15. I try to compile the sample code "SampleService" which always report the following error "unreachable code" :
  16. littlefish

    Can I ODBC to Database fm NT Service?

    Sorry, I am using JET3.0, not 3.11
  17. littlefish

    Can I ODBC to Database fm NT Service?

    Actually, after the failure of just copying the *.dll, I have tried again by copying everything from JET\BIN into the directory of the generated exe file. Same error, no improvement.
  18. littlefish

    Can I ODBC to Database fm NT Service?

    I copy all DLLs (ie, *.DLL) from \JET\BIN directory and run the sampleservice.java again, same error comes out. Do you mean EVERYTHING from \JET\BIN directory? Pls double-confirm your last advice.
  19. littlefish

    How to upgrade to 311

    I purchase 3.0 nearly 60 days. I still cannot find Excelsior posting any bug fixes for this 3.0 version. Is this 3.0 version a bug free release? I expects Excelsior to list out all found bugs so that we as the purchaser knows what bugs exist and trying to avoid those bugs or seriously consider whether it is worth to pay extra for upgrade or just give up using JET complete. I don't want to use JET to create a product and deliver to my customer with all the JET bugs which will upset my customers.
  20. littlefish

    How to upgrade to 311

    I am a registered user using JET300 How can I upgrade into 311?
  21. littlefish

    How to call NT service from apps

    I see. Thank you.
  22. I have a java application is compiled into EXE. Another application is compiled as NT service. How can I call the NT service from the application?
  23. littlefish

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    Where to get more info about SWT?
  24. littlefish

    DOS Console support in JET3

    When I use Java console, I have to use read command which is accepting user input line by line. This means that the user has to press the ENTER key. I need this read command to be intercepted with Key event so that the user press one KEY and my application can immediately validate the pressed KEY and response immediately. Sorry for the late reply cos I am working on my urgent project. Regards, Little Fish