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  1. not to rush or anything - just curious when do you plan on supporting it, now that the final has been released... even an approximate estimate would do. thanks! paul
  2. paul

    Java 1.5 RC

    the final 1.5 is out. Is there any (even if inaccurate) estimate for when the support for it would be available?
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone else has experienced a similar problem: We are trying to compile our application (which used to compile fine under 3.5mp3). Since then we adapted the application to JDK1.5 and it runs just fine under JDK1.5.0beta-2. However, when compiled to an executable, immediately upon startup, or more precisely, when the first class other than the one where the main() method is, is called, it throws: Exception in thread main: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException I tried to debug what it could be. After checking our code and making sure that none of the variables are null, one theory we had is that given the nature of the error, it might be something about calling a static method. We modified the class, by adding an empty constructor method. Now, from main, I first print a string ("test") to know that the system started fine, and then do OtherClass myvar = new OtherClass() which causes the exception described above. I tried all different optimization settings in 3.6mp1, and all with the same result. Any ideas what might be going on that prevents the executable from running? Thanks a lot... Paul
  4. hi, where do i go to download the pro version? it used to be available on the download page but now only the tryout version is there... yes, i'm a registered user. thanks!
  5. paul

    When will Version 3.6 be out?

    i see that it's out, but where is the download link for 3.6 Pro version? thanks!
  6. i actually got it from this russian guy: http://rejar.sourceforge.net/ (check the first paragraph on the right).
  7. According to this - http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=200 - the total download size of JRE in JDK1.5 will be reduced to about 2MB. Will Excelsior 3.6 make use of this feature??
  8. using RMI necessitates using rmic to generate stubs. how do i integrate this into my application? basically, i need to pass objects between two java programs, both compiled with excelsior jet, and so i want to integrate RMI into them.. never done it before so i just want to make sure that it is in fact possible to make applications that act as RMI server and/or client into excelsior executable... thanks!
  9. i know it is still a beta, but is there a timeline for an excelsior jet (beta?) that would support 1.5?
  10. strange.. does no one else do cross-platform development? i really need to know.. as i have the app running on windows but not on mac (since i have to have it as an executable to distribute).. any pointers would also be great... thanks!
  11. Hi, I am using Excelsior Jet Pro to compile my application for Windows. Now I have a version of the app that runs on Macs and would like to create a Mac OSX native executable for it. Since Excelsior is not in the Mac business, could you please point me to some alternatives that exist to do the same for the Mac? Thanks a lot! -p
  12. I'm trying to package an application; When I open a new project in JetPackII and add my app (compiled with JDK 1.4.1_03), it says: "Unknown vcode -28, probably the JET ini file used is obsolete" - and won't let me proceed to the next step. I'm using Jet Pro 3.11 with the 1.4.1_03 update. The same application was packaged just fine with Excelsior 3.0. What is the jet ini it is talking about? The application I'm trying to add is using JRE (it's not JetPerfect).
  13. paul

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    snowman, i sent you the licensing info as a private message. do you need anything else to proceed with this?
  14. paul

    Ask one question about JET 3.11

    Snowman, I'm not sure whether I understand it correctly, but given I work at a university and the product we are developing is a non-profit, Sun seems to give the Source Code License for free (and I'm a registered developer). According to Sun, "There is no charge to access Community Source Code for research and development purposes". I own a registered version of Jet Pro. Could you please send me a link to such an enabled version to my email (it's the same one to which Jet Pro is registered) or should I do anything else to get it?
  15. paul

    JDK 1.4.1_03 and 1.3.1_08

    what about the licensed users? tried the jet Pro registered install now and it is still incompatible with 1.4.1_03. when should it be available?