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  1. Jim333

    Unable to locate DLL: XKRN30020.DLL

    Thank for the thoughts... I am using a trial ware version of Excelior-JET Professional. This is the comerical version. I am not planning on purchasing the product if it does not meet my needs ... which is why I am do the evaluation on the version that I would purchase.
  2. Jim333

    Unable to locate DLL: XKRN30020.DLL

    Unforunately, I am still getting the "JET is not properly installed on your system" error message. This is with the entire c:\program files\jet\bin directory copied to the JRE-less machine. I tried two different jet300.ini settings: # JET Configuration File, ver.1.0 [JET] JRE_1.4.1_01_Home = "" JET_Home = "$!" . ----- and ----- # JET Configuration File, ver.1.0 [JET] JRE_1.4.1_01_Home = "" JET_Home = "c:\temp\test" . ----- Note that "c:\temp\test" is where test.exe was installed with a copy of the \program files\jet\bin files. Both jet300.ini yield the "JET is not properly installed" message. Has anyone got a simple "Hello World" type of application to work JRE-less (a.k.a. no JRE on the system anywhere)? This seems so simple. Yet it just is not working. Any suggestions?
  3. Jim333

    Unable to locate DLL: XKRN30020.DLL

    Thanks for the info, but unfortunately none of it helped. Do you have any more suggestions? The machine is a clean Windows 2000 ServPack3 with only Norton AntiVirus, a bunch of "Critical Update" patches from Microsoft, and WinZip. sleep.exe is 7,168 bytes in size. sleep_jarch.exe is 187,170 bytes in size. The greyed out "Where would you like to install JET run-time?" value is set to "<no need JET directory>". There is no jet300.ini on the machine anywhere (searched the whole hard drive). I tried the simple run.bat idea, but I get the "JET is not properly installed ..." error message shown in my original posting. The run.bat (and probably other) installs created a uninst.log file that contains: While the log file indicates that CRTSR314.exe was created, it is not in the C:\Program Files\sleep directory (or anywhere else on the hard drive). Only sleep.exe and uninst.log are on the drive. Taking a different angle, I tried manually copying the sleep.exe, x*.dll, and jet300.ini to a single directory and ran it. I get the "JET is not properly installed ..." error message. This is both with the path set as normal and with an empty path, "set path=". The following lists all of the files in the single directory. This is really a copy of x*.dll from the JET bin directory ... adding sleep.exe and jet300.ini: Where jet300.ini contains: # JET Configuration File, ver.1.0 [JET] JET_Home = "$!" . Thanks in advance for any further help. Jim
  4. I am trying to get a simple application to run JRE-less. The application source is: class test { public static void main (String[] args) { System.out.println ("test"); } } Steps: 1. I compile this with javac. 2. I compile the class file with my eval version of JET-Pro. 3. I package it with JetPack ... chosing "don't use JRE" option and the GUI install. 4. I switch to another machine (Windows 2000) that does not have any JRE installed. 5. I execute my test_jarch.exe. I can change the install location but the "Where would you like to install JET runtime?" is greyed out. I leave the default and press the "install" button. 6. I try launching my "test.exe" application and I get a "Unable to locate DLL" title / "The dynamic link library XKRN30020.DLL could not be found in the specified path <path-directories-listed>." 7. I search the entire hard drive for xkrn*.dll. It does not exist. I actually do not care about getting jetpack to work correctly. I am going to be using my own installer. I can manually copy any x*.dll from your c:\program file\JET\bin directory. When I copy xkrn30020.dll and put it in the path, I get the following error: The "Deployment automation" does not provide me with enough info. How can I manually setup the jet300.ini file to reflect a JRE-less installation? Thanks in advance, Jim