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  1. I just installed JET 3.0 Personal Edition on my WinXP machine with java version "1.4.1_02" SE SDK & JRE (build 1.4.1_02-b06). When I run the JET Setup wizard it doesn't find the JDK. I then click the Browse button and select the directory the JDK is in and I get a warning saying "The directory you selected does not contain a supported version of Sun JDK" I thought it was my WinXP setup, so I tried JET on my Win 2k setup with a fresh install of the exact same JDK and got the same warning. Does the Personal Edition not work with 1.4.1_02? Everything I read on the Excelsior web site indicates that 1.4.1 is supported: "Excelsior JET 3.0 features support for the latest Sun Java 2, Standard Edition Version 1.4.1 ..." Note: all of my Java programs do work with the JDK as installed, including Tomcat and Sun ONE Studio 4 CE, so I'm suspecting JET. Thanks.