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  1. xamdam

    finding jres

    Hi, I have a prog that loads a dll that uses Jet. The problem appears to be that if my current working directory is not the same as Jet.ini either the Jet.ini or the jre itself is not found properly. Is there a workaround? thanks.
  2. xamdam

    crash in CloseJVM

    I have a glue dll implementing "adaptor" pattern that in turn loads a "perfect" dll. What kind of OpenVM/attachThread/DetachThread/closeVM would you suggest? thanks, max.
  3. xamdam

    crash in CloseJVM

    thanks for your reply 1) we are building a "perfect" mode dll 2) it happens even with xjvm.lib any other ideas?
  4. xamdam

    crash in CloseJVM

    we have been evaluating JET for our product; due to an artifact in our framework JVM has to be closed and re-opened multiple times. Currently CloseJVM seems to cause an access violation and JVM cannot be opened again. Is this a knows issue? Is there a fix or a workaround? thanx, max.