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    SetTimer in user32.dll

    I am evaluating xFunction and I tried to use the timer services of user32.dll. I wrote a class Timer with the following code: [pre] import com.excelsior.xFunction.*; import javax.swing.*; public class Timer { public static void main(String[] a) { try { Callback timerCallback = new TimeoutCallback(); xFunction f = new xFunction("user32","int SetTimer(int,int,int,TimeoutCallback)"); Argument[] args = new Argument[4]; args[0] = new Argument(0); //no window handle args[1] = new Argument(0); args[2] = new Argument(5000); //wait for 5 seconds args[3] = new Argument(timerCallback); int i = ((Integer)f.invoke(args)).intValue(); System.out.println(" Timer Handle = " + i); //without the lines below the program exits immediatelly JFrame frame = new JFrame("SetTimer test"); frame.setSize(100,100); frame.setVisible(true); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } class TimeoutCallback extends Callback{ public String defineSignature(){ return "void timeout(int,int,int,long)"; } public void timeout(int a, int b, int c, long d){ System.out.println("Timeout received!"); } } [/pre] Although the return value indicates success (i get a non-null timer ID), no call is made to my callback. What am I doing wrong here?