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  1. Ryo_Sueki

    Does JET support Preferences ?

    I got JET 3.11 and problem seems to be solved. But I recompiled with Jet perfect option, then the created exe file returns following Error . "Exception in thread "main" ava.lang.NullPointerException When I create the exe file wihout Jetperfect option it works fine. But I still cannot export Preferences to file without JRE. I set JETVMPROP=-Djet.usage.list and created usg file. jc =p =a netBMT150 +perfect is the command line I used. Does any one succeed to export Preference to file with Jetperfected application?
  2. Ryo_Sueki

    Does JET support Preferences ?

    Thank you for your quick check. I do not have JET 3.11, but some how I will get it and try.
  3. I have a problem about exportNode Method of Preference. "exportNode" method of java.util.prefs.Preferences always returns java.lang.NullPointerException . The program below returns always returns 4 and “ex” is java.lang.NullPointerException. try{ stream = new FileOutputStream(cofFile); }catch (FileNotFoundException ex) { return false; }catch(Exception ex){ return false; } try{ prefs.exportNode(stream); }catch(IOException ex){ return 1; }catch(BackingStoreException ex){ return 2; }catch(IllegalStateException ex){ return 3; }catch(Exception ex){ return 4; } The program works fine before JET 3.0 compiles it. Every part but exportNode works fine even after the compilation. I checked the windows registry fine and found keys and values are stored correctly. Values are retrieved from the registry. Dose JET support Preferences?