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  1. Is it possible to build Windows .exe's from the Linux version of JET?
  2. Hello, I need to implement an application that does 250 microsecond sleeps in between sending out UDP packets. I am unable to do this with Sun's JDK as the sleep resolution is around 10-15ms. Also, does JET implement the System.nanoTime()? How low of a resolution does it go to on Linux?
  3. orasis


    Do you guys have timeline for AMD64 support on both Windows and especially Linux?
  4. When I run my application w/o JET, the logs show perfectly the class and method from which the log message is being created, as so: Jun 5, 2003 5:52:07 PM com.onionnetworks.localpeer.WebRaidDownload addSource INFO: WebRaidDownload..addSource(http://onionnetworks.com/tmp/linux-2.0.tar.gz) But, when I run it with JET, it loses this information: Jun 4, 2003 12:42:04 AM unknown unknown INFO: WebRaidDownload..addSource(http://onionnetworks.com/tmp/linux-2.0.tar.gz) Now, I could understand if it obfuscated the class and method names to something like 'aab' and 'aac' and then provided some sort of file that mapped the obfuscated names to the original names, like most Java obfuscators do, but 'unknown' makes debugging the source of problems almost impossible and probably breaks some log parsing code. Is there any way for me to get around this and have it output the original class name?
  5. Even though everything seems to be working fine, I'm getting NPE's in my jetperfected .exe's with no stack trace. I have the folllowing options enabled in order to try to see a stack trace: -gendebug+ -lineno+ -include_perfect_logging+ But I'm not getting any stack traces, I'm seeing the following: 00:42:07.070 WARN!! Servlet Exception for /prot/fetch/reignoffire.mpg?uri=foo.com/tmp/reignoffire.mpg java.lang.NullPointerException 00:42:07.581 WARN!! Servlet Exception for /prot/fetch/reignoffire.mpg?uri=foo.com/tmp/reignoffire.mpg java.lang.NullPointerException I'm sure jetperfect is looking for some reflected class that didn't make it into the usage list, but if I can't see a stack trace, how am I going to know?
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    .usg file format?

    Hello, In order to simplify our JET perfect process, we are using proguard (http://proguard.sourceforge.net/) to eliminate dead classes and methods in our jars before using JET. This way, it only takes us 30 seconds to spot an error with missing a reflectively invoked class rather than waiting an hour for JET Perfect to compile and give us hard to decipher errors. So, what we want to do is manually specify that all classes and methods within a given package should be included in the JET Perfect. So I want to include com.onionnetworks.* and org.apache.commons.*, how do I do this?