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  1. petersod

    Jet 3.15 MP1 and MP2

    Hi, I am currently using jet 3.15 but am wondering whether I should update to MP1 or MP2. Currently my application is running reasonably well with the exception of some graphical glitches I am experiencing and some problems using the jpiib utility. I am wondering if you have fixed any issues in these two areas with the maintenence pack. -- Thank you
  2. petersod

    Breaking the heap restriction !!!

    I have also experienced this problem, however I have been unable to reliably reproduce it.
  3. petersod

    Bug or My mistake

    Would System.loadLibrary have the same effect as this, or must you use the native Win32 LoadLibrary method?
  4. petersod

    Java 1.4.2

    Thank you, Another member of my team had received the email.
  5. petersod

    Java 1.4.2

    It has been five days, and still have not received notification. We also do not have a way to access the download from the web. When will this be available?
  6. petersod

    Timeout Exception

    I'm am experiencing the same problem. I have a Socket that I do a setSoTimeout on, but the read operation never times out (by throwing a SocketTimeoutException).
  7. Hi, Sun's JDK 1.4.1_03 has been released. There is an issue that it fixes that I would really like to integrate into JET. When will JET support 1.4.1_03?