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  1. look in the "samples\Invocation" directory for samples
  2. Whenever I compile JET 3.15 MP1 or MP2, the file 'xjvm.lib' is NOT being generated/built into the C:\JET315\lib\x86 directory. Our Personal edition of v3.11 worked fine, however after uninstalling our old version and installing MP1 or MP2 this file doesn't exist anymore! What are we doing wrong???
  3. refer to this thread::;action=display;num=1056707499
  4. I'm building a DLL using a rather large JAR package and a couple of small classes that are using the functions in the JAR. Whenever I build (often) the DLL it takes quite a long time because the JAR is itself pretty big and has a lot of classes/functions contained within. My question is this: Is there a way to only compile my JAVA classes without having to deconstruct/optimize/recompile the JAR file everytime? Thanks 4 any info! /glenn
  5. An example how to do multithreading wouldn't hurt either, i.e. usage of MonitorEnter() and MonitorExit() ;D
  6. Well... first off I don't understand why all the examples (except the COM stuff) is in C. Is it popular to write JAVA code and link the resulting DLL(s) into a C project? Am I the only one linking my JAVA into a C++ program. And yes, such an example would have helped save me about an hour of trying to figure out where my problem was.... error C2819: type 'JNIEnv_' does not have an overloaded member 'operator ->' then changing (*env) to 'env' (duh!) told me very nicely: 'GetStaticMethodID' : function does not take 4 parameters which let me to investigate the header file more closely.
  7. It took me a little while and maybe i'm just slightly mentally handicapped, but i thot i'd post this just in case anyone else happens to encounter my previous frustrations... In the demo included apps (or your own), if you want to write a .CPP application rather than .C, the method calls are usually: MID_init = (*env)->GetMethodID (env, dllClass, "<init>", "()V"); but in C++ it's like this: MID_init = env->GetMethodID(dllClass, "<init>", "()V"); Yes yes, i know it's just a matter of looking at the jni.h header file included in J2SDK, but it's not hard to accidentally overlook this...
  8. Maybe coz GCJ is part of GCC and GCC is for Linux, whereas JET is for us Windows-weenies.