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  1. Craig

    Redhat 9 glibc bug

    You probably know Redhat 9 has a problem with it's glibc and running the Jet compiler (jc) gives an: "Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno, h_errno or _res directly. Needs to be fixed." message (or if you only look at the end of the setup.sh run, "Error (54): Name 'errno' not found ......"). The fault is with Redhat or the writers of glibc, but I wondered if you expect they will fix it, or you will try to make a workaround (as suggested in comment 7 of Redhat Bugzilla)? Your answer will help me to decide if I should remove RH9 and install RH8, or wait for RedHat to do something The setup.sh also had a problem on RH9 finding libxz_113.so in the Jet lib/x86/shared directory but that was fixable by putting a symlink in /usr/lib Thanks guys.
  2. Craig

    JetPack II:  Assertion failed

    I see the same problem and the same workaround.