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  1. First, Thanks for develop Excelsior-Jet. Building the JET sample DHKeyAgreement3 (in JCE Extension), JetPack, include in the JET RT folder this dll,s: - XJCE - XKRN - XSEC Executing the exe file, the Exception internal error: SHA-1 not available, is throw. Including de dll,s: - XAWT - XMIS - XMIA - ... the exe end ok. The real problem is that RMI, uses internaly jce, and need a overhead of memory too big, (about 12M in the same app without RMI) and de effort to forget AWT (using SWT) is loosed.
  2. Jesus

    Possible JNI bug

    JET vm and Sun vm are differents in this JNI situation: extern "C" { JNIEXPORT jXXX JNICALL classname_Test(JNIEnv * env, jobject jobj,...) { int length=0; jbyteArray mArrayHandle = env->NewByteArray( length ); jbyte * mBuffer = env->GetByteArrayElements( mArrayHandle, NULL ); if( mBuffer == NULL ) printf("mBuffer nulo en JET vm"); else print("mBuffer no nulo en Sun vm"); ....... return ...; } } The question is that in third party librarys, this real situation cant be controled. The real situation is jaybird.dll, that is part of the open source proyect firebird.sourceforge.net