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  1. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I cannot imagine doing that. What I do right now, is to stuff all our application into the same jar. Later we might have several applications, I dunno, but I doubt they will be much more memoryintensive, databases are fast now adays. Hope this info is usefull to you, MrMis .
  2. MrMis

    Upgrade to 3.5

    I have another question regarding upgrade. Right now we have Jet 3.15 mp2. We use JDK1.4.2_01 as JRE. Our install includes full "JET RT" and "JRE" using JetPackII's thirdparty option with single root. Now, we assume that if we wanna upgrade a customer, we can compile a new jar, and simply copy the exe-file to the customer. Now, if we upgrade to JET 3.5, I assume that we need to upgrade the customers "JET RT" directory also. Is this correct, or can this be avoided, if we stick to the same JRE? Regards, MrMis .
  3. MrMis

    bad ini file

    OK, thanks for info. When you say in a few days, would that be likely to happen before the 10th? We're supposed to deploy software before the 15th, and I would really like the customer to get a recent copy of j2se and j2ee with JET. MrMis .
  4. MrMis

    bad ini file

    OK .. I found out that we're supposed to uninstall jet (or simular) then install the mp3 .. however, when I did that, I ended up being completely unable to install mp3. - MrMis .
  5. MrMis

    bad ini file

    I had a simular problem .. I seem to have recovered somewhat by reinstalling mp2 .. I didn't uninstall anything. I did remove the trailing dot in the ini-file though. Going to experiment with installing mp3 again. MrMis .
  6. Thank you very much for your swift reply. You didn't *have* to answer on a saturday. I suppose that for once, people will downloading mp3 legally. MrMis .
  7. It seems that the beta 3.5 for windows supports up to (not including though) 1.4.2_03 .. now, JET 3.15 only supports up to (including) 1.4.2_01. This might seem like a minor detail, and maybe it is, but still, if you want to use j2EE 1.4.x you better get 1.4.2_02 or later! Otherwise you're stuck with J2EE 1.3.x. So, my question is, will there be a maintainence for JET 3.15, or do we need to wait for 3.5 to stabilize? Regards, MrMis .
  8. MrMis

    sending mail

    Please elaborate a bit on how it fails. Does it emit errormessages? What does the log of the mailserver say, if it tries to contact the mailserver at all? /MrMis .
  9. MrMis

    sending mail

    Did you try to unconditionally include the whole of mail.jar and activation.jar? /MrMis .
  10. I noticed yesterday that SUN has released the microversion j2sdk 1.4.2_02. Here is an excerpt from http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/index.html Java 2 Standard Edition, version 1.4.2 section Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition Updates 1.4.2_02 NOW AVAILABLE! As part of Sun Microsystems' commitment to continued support for Java technology, the Java 2 SDK 1.4.2_02 update is now available to the Java community. Java 2 SDK updates are developed by addressing key customer issues and feedback on the previous FCS release. These updates do not generally include any new features or functionality. Detailed information on the issues addressed in these updates can be found in their respective RELEASE NOTES documentation. There are several key bug fixes in this release. Sun strongly recommends that users upgrade. If deploying any update, we recommend that our customers follow their standard test procedures for Java technologies and deployments. Updates are cumulative in that each of them includes all of the fixes of the previous updates. You do not need to install earlier update versions in order to install the currently available update. Regards, MrMis .
  11. As it is now, I develop in GNU/Linux, but compile with Jet in windows, and test under windows. So I also think that a crosscompiler option, where I could compile everything in GNU/Linux would be interesting. That way, I'd only have to switch platform to test, and I could probably automate the generation of win32 executables, and later if customers choose to switch to GNU/Linux, it wouldn't be hard to generate both type of executables. Keep up the good work! MrMis .
  12. Hi, I compiled a project today, and packed it with JetPackII, installed it, and everything was fine. Then I upgraded to jre 1.4.2_01 (from 1.4.2), compiled the application with Jet, and opened the .jpu file from before in JetPackII. The problem is that now when I try to add the new .exe file to the project, I get this error: How do I fix that? I know I could simply do a new jetpackII project, and remove the other testversion from my testmachine, but the problem is we allready have some installations at customers using even older JRE's, so if anyone have a tip for a procedure to upgrade JRE version, I'd be happy to hear about it. Sincerely, MrMis .