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  1. TPThompson

    Argument(String, int, int) signature

    you have any working examples of using this? sorry if i overlooked something in the samples. I am specifically trying to work with this TidyLib function: /** Save to given TidyBuffer object */ TIDY_EXPORT int tidySaveBuffer( TidyDoc tdoc, TidyBuffer* buf ); and it seems that the signature (int*, int*) seems to work, and the dll actually objected to being passed a pointer to a Struct. From docs: This constructor should be used when it is required to pass a character buffer of a certain size as an argument, in particular, when it has to be passed to an output or input/output parameter.
  2. TPThompson

    Can't load library

    Turned out to be a dll dependency issue, specifically with MSVCRT7, and not within XFunction.
  3. TPThompson

    Can't load library

    I'm getting a LibraryNotFoundException, even with a dll placed in %systemroot%. I was running this from Jakarta-Tomcat 4.1.27 fine as an application, but now I have it registered as a system service (only difference I can think of) Any way to check the context, or specify an explicit library path? TIA