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    Hi, Just had the men in suits come dowm to my dark corner of the office to ask if the distributable we deliver (Jet 4.8 still I'm afraid ) has any encription routines >= 64bit included in it. Something to do with exporting and licenses. Is there a simple answer? Thanks, Chris
  2. collincn

    Windows NT

    Hi all, We've just moved from Jet 3.5 to 3.6. It was fairly painless, however some of our customers still use windows NT (I know, you've got to love 'em). We are getting a lot of reports of 'Out of memory' errors, slow application, occaisional 'blue screem of death' and general 'it doesn't work' All is fine on XP and 2000. We are in touch with Jet support, but due to the nature of the application it's very difficult for them to help us directly. Anyone had similar problems? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Regards Chris